Patio tour and New Look gingham off the shoulder blouse….

Table Ikea / Chairs Ikea / Bench Ikea / Cushion Ikea / Plates mömax / Glas mömax / Coasters made from a set of small tiles from the hardware store / Coasters red Galeria Kaufhof / Napkins amazon / Oil and Vinegar dispenser amazon / Salt and Pepper mushrooms from Italian market similar here / Straws Nanu Nana / Carafe Nanu Nana / Deckchairs amazon / small red table Polywood similar here and here / Torch DM similar here / Solor flamingo Nanu Nana / Flower stairs old love this one / Plant pot old similar here 
 My outfit: Jeans H&M / Off the shoulder blouse New Look sold out similar here / Sandals Anna Field 


Hi guys,

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we finally got our own outdoorspace to sit in the evenings with a nice glass of wine, make smores, host BBQ´s and so much more…
We had the space since we moved in but there wasn´t enough time last year and we had to do soooooo much inside the house. But this year is different, we went to Ikea to buy the furniture (including a table – this is huge it almost didn´t fit in the car, 4 chairs and a bench – which I personally think is so cool) in a light grey color with a metall touch. I also got many many comfortable cushions. 

The color theme will be grey, red and a kind of dark orange (the cushions are striped). This matches perfect with the house and the rest of the outside.  I can´t wait to have our first BBQ. We also got a grill and a pair of beach chairs and this super cool flamingo solar light. Chloé isn´t so sure about him. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

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