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I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I do. First gift guide today – which means we are officially in the hustle and bustle of holiday season. I always post the hostess gift guide as the first gift guide cause after Halloween the holiday parties and festivities start, so whether you are invited for a Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving dinner or you are attending the first Christmas party of the season very soon, it is always ways better to have a thoughtful gift on hand. Not that a bottle of red wine or bubbly wouldn´t be great. But always gifting the same can make you feel awkward sometime cause women usually don´t forget what they get.

Faux fur throw // A throw or a faux fur blanket makes the perfect gift for colder days and homebodies or home decor lovers (as it sets such a cozy but stylish accent for your living room). This would even make the perfect gift for a housewarming party. Thoughtful, pretty and practical. Also is there anyone who could have too many blankets ? I highly doubt it.

Yankee Candle – Sage & Citrus // These are my favorite candles in the whole wide world. They are pretty, they last and they smell so so good. If you don´t know exactly what scent your begifted likes I would go with a fresh note like sage & citrus. This fits for most of the homes and leaves a fresh and pleasant smell.

Voluspa printed tin candle – Crip Champagne // I have discovered this brand about two years ago and my first candle was one with an orange scent and I loved it. It was the most intense candle I have ever lit at my house. The scent was very strong so you didn´t need to burn it for many hours to make your house smell so good. Also the printed tin can be used for little things to store or to keep your makeup brushes or mascaras. They are a little more on the pricier side but I would say that they are absolutely worth every scent.

Glass Travel Mug //  A 3 in 1 travel mug. It holds hot drinks like tea or coffee, you can use it with water and fruits to infuse your water and you use it for juice or plain water. A really nice mug to have in your car or handbag for long days or rides. Also a cute alternative to a coffee mug.

Kate Spade Tumbler // It is super important to stay hydrated all day (at least that is what we hear everwhere) so it might be easier to drink a little more if you are having a nice tumbler to fill in your water. And this one is super cute.

Bodum travel mug // I am a sucker for cute travel mugs. If I travel or am out of the house I am always looking to be the most stylish me. Why should I take an old and ugly coffee mug which me that ruins the whole look. Too dramatic. In fact not – imagine carrying a 350 Euro and up designer handbag on one hand and on the other an old mug that loses color and starts to rust. People probably think you have spent your last dime on the bag.

Kate Spade oven mitt // This would make a fun stocking stuffer as well as the three gifts before. If you have a friend who loves to bake or who loves Kate Spade or even loves the color Pink this is it.

Nespresso espresso maschine // If you have a coffee loving friend who is searching for a coffee shop 24/7 a Nespresso coffee maschine would be the perfect gift. Not only is it time but also money consuming ordering your daily fix of coffee at

Kitchen Aid Speedy Blender // In times of eating healthy and swopping meals with smoothies or protein shakes a blender is your dearest friend. Kichen Aid is known for high quality and powerful, longlasting products. It it a more pricier gift (always also depends on how much you wanna spend) but it will work its butt of for you for smoothies with whatever ingrediens you like.

Soda Stream // We decided on buying a Soda Stream for our kitchen because we really want to save plastic and therefore this helps a lot. Besides the soda stream the company offers glass bottles in different sizes for water to take with you. So this is definitely an awesome gift for a kitchen. Stylish in glossy black and eco friendly.

Instant Pot // I am dying to finally get an Instant or Crock Pot so this is definitely going to be on my own wishlist. The conpect of slowly cooking your food while getting a bunch of things done besides always amazes me. The variety of Crock Pot cookbooks also is insane. There is nearly everything you can make in there. And if you have a big enough pot meal prep for the week can also be done very effective.

Pistacchio Pedestal //  A fun little 2 – storey tray for all your nuts to display on your coffee table or bar cart. The lower tray is for the nutshells so it doesn´t get mixed up with the acutal nuts and also doesn´t end lying on the floor or the sofa.

Large Canister // This would be also really nice to buy in a set cause it makes the perfect gift for the orangized but decorating hostess. You are storing your baking supplies or food where you need it right away. Why not on your counter top in pretty and roomy canister.

Cutlery set //  You have a friend or family member who loves to cook? This cutlery set will be really appreciated. Trust me with that. There is no bigger plague than cutting food for your meal with a dull knife.

Bodum French Press // Another option for the coffee addict who needs his fix right after getting up. Brewing your coffee with a french press can make a huge difference to capsule or pad maschines. You can choose your coffee and the strength and also how long you want it to brew to get the intensity you wish. But this is probably only a gift for someone who is an experienced coffee drinker and also worships the whole process of coffee making.

Mini waffle maker // Eveyone loves brunch and waffles so this makes a super fun gift for almost anyone.

Kate Spade polka dot apron // A adorable black and white polka dot apron. Period.

Martha Stewart tea kettle // It seems like we are going retro with a lot of pieces (the whole Smeg series consists of retro colors and shapes for example) but I really don´t mind it. How adorable would this rosegold tea kettle look on your besties stove??!! And since it is not only looking good but also practical as it acutally heats up cold water it makes a great piece for years.

MacKenzie Childs salt and pepper shakers // This is such a sweet gift for a girl who recently moved into her first appartment or a couple who just got married. Or overall such a nice additon to someone who loves to create table scapes and wants to step up the game with extraordinary pieces.

Hope you liked my first gift guide of the season. I definitely think it is the best so far. Be sure to check back next week for the beauty lover´s gift guide.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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