Disney + Review…


Good day friends, 

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we got Disney + in March last year when the Pandemic hit us and we were forced to stay at home and a short time after Emilia joined our little family so we stayed home even more and longer so this was definitely a good investment. 


Disney / Pixar Animated Movies

I am a Disney gal through and through and love anything animated they ever made. Not only the princess movies but everything else too. I love love love Disneyland and everything with Mickey Mouse on it. In every city we are visiting and there is a Disney store I get a stuffed animal from a movie I loved.

Definitely great that you can watch all of the really old Disney movies like The Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. 

To be honest I wasn´t a huge fan of the newer Pixar animated movies but there are definitely cute ones in the media library.

I hope to pass on my enthusiasm for Disney on to my little girl so that we can visit Disneyland together in a few years.

National Geography Movies

Not only did we watch several animal movies, we really got into the Bear Grills episodes. Thrilling and fascinating how to survive in the wild.


If you are a fan this is your streaming service. Not only offers Disney+ the old 6 movies, you can stream the latest Star Wars Movies with Raj and also the story of Han Solo plus The Mandalorian is exclusively on Disney +. We have been watching every episode religiously so far and it is one of the greatest shows I have seen in a while.

Seasonal / Holiday 

Another category Disney+ offers are seasonal or holiday movies. For Halloween or Christmas for example all of the related movies had been accessable in one folder. So easy to find what you are looking for but it makes is even harder to choose from. 


You can quit your subscription on a monthly base which is very nice cause you don´t have to remember a certain deadline or you make a one year subsription and save some money. Either way it is a good choice.

 It definitely is a family channel. These are the first and foremost movie categories. If you are searching for another the adult category there are still Disney movies but not as plenty as other steaming services offer. I would say go for it and watch whatever you are interested in. You can watch as much as you like in one month and then cancel again.

See you tomorrow.