Recent beauty buys including the SMILE lipsticks from L´Oréal x Isabel Marant…..


Good morning my beauty loving friends,
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I really love browsing through the beauty sections of drug stores and see what´s new (or new to me, sometimes I miss a few things or don´t get it until it is super hyped and I want to know why). Trying these things out on my free Fridays is so much fun. I make myself a giant cup of coffee and incorporate the new beauty products into my make-up routine.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer // I first saw this product on Chronicles of Frivolty and gave it a try cause I don´t have a specified under eye concealer, I just use my face concealer for this region too and the dark shades mostly get through later in the afternoon or even after lunchtime. It is no full coverage product and I don´t think it is buildable but it works for me. I only add some powder on top to make it matt and voila. Fresh and awake looking eyes. Who doesn´t want that??
Maybelline Tattoo Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel  // This is by far the best eyebrow gel I have ever tried. It is awesome. Super soft to apply. The color fits perfect (I have light blonde) and it stays, also cause of the gel texture there are no hairs acting weird and do what they want. They are like glued to your brow. Definitely gonna buy this again.
L’oréal Voluminous Lash Extatic // The Lash Paradise mascara is supposed to give you lenght and volume and I think it totally does. I am super fine with it being a drug store mascara. It does the work and I am happy but not satisfied. In my opinion there is nothing better than the essence lash princess mascara (drug store). Maybe it is the brush or the texture of the product. Although I would buy and use it again if the other one is sold out which happens very often.
NARS Mini Blush & Bronzer Duo  // The Nars blushes had been on my wish list for a long time now. I wanted to try out the color Orgasm but it was always sold out so you could probably imagine how happy I was when I found the blush/bronzer set at a Sephora in Spain. I totally love the pink blush. It is super soft to apply and creates such a nice and beautiful rose hue on my cheeks. Unfortunately I am not wearing pink that much but it has definitely increased. I do think it is a great duo for trying out their different itmes and not spending a fortune on buying two normal sized products.
DKNY Women perfume // I wanted this perfume for a long time but every time I went to purchase a new one I totally forgot about it until they had a set with a matching body lotion in a metallic shimmering box and it caught my eye. It is a fresh fragrance which is perfect for me to use when I had or get a migraine or overall have a bad head which happens from time to time. And also it doesn´t break the bank. I think the flask was only 25 Euro.
L’Oréal Paris X Isabel Marant Women’s Lipstick in color Palaid Royal Field // I have to admit I wasn´t as excited for this collaboration with Isabel Marant as I was with Balmain (read my post here). Also since I love red lipsticks there are so many shades I already have that I decided to take at least one nudish color but I also went with two awesome red shades (just can´t help it!!). Palais Royal Field is a classic and bright red and would make – in my opinon – the perfect Christmas Red. It is made of the typical L´Oréal quality so it goes on smooth, stays and has their typical scent. A good and cheap alternative to MAC or Bobbi Brown lipsticks.

The second red lipstick I got is called La Butte Marshall and I have worn it about 10 times since I got it. As much as I love a vibrant red shade I adore a darker red with a bluish undertone. Perfect for fall and winter and oh so chic.
And for the last one I finally got myself a nude shade. The color is called La Seine Shadow and I would say it has a rosy apricot undertone. I think it is really beautiful but it doesn´t show too much on my lips since they are so pigmented. Probably gonna try it again by putting some foundation underneath to even out the color.
That´s it for now. I really love trying out new products. These are from the drug store and also from the high-end retailer but most of the time I get lots of drug store stuff since they carry so many different brands and products. And now is finally the time where they also have Christmas decor and candles and cards and so on…. So I could spend half a day in there. 
Are there any makeup products you are interested in and want me try out?
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.    

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Wedding Wednesday – my bridal makeup and all the products I used….


Good morning my darling friends,
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I am sharing my wedding make-up look with you today. I am very picky with make-up and if I don´t end up liking the feeling of a product on my face I have to remove it.

For this and some other reasons I decided to my wedding make-up by myself. If Duchess Kate can do it so can I, am I right? I have started months before to test out products I heard where worth the splurge to find the perfect makeup combos for my wedding makeup. 

These are my top picks for the face:
Face Cream – Clinique Acne Solutions all-over clearing treatment

Face Primer – Kiko Matte Face Base
Concealer – Lancome color
Foundation – MAC Studio Fix color
Face Powder – Maybelline Fit Me color 
Fixing Powder – MAC Translucent Powder 

Side note: I always let the product set for about 10 minutes before I put on the next one. So for example if you are using a face primer let it set before applying your concealer and same with your foundation.

Highlighter – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
For the lips: 
Lip Primer – MAC Prep + Prime Lip
Liner – MAC Lip Pencil color Dervish
Lip color – Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick color Big Spender

For the eyes/brows:
Fake Lashes – Red Cherry model 747S
Lash Glue – Fing´rs
Under eye highlight – Smashbox Cali Contour Palette
Finishing spray – MAC Prep + Prime Fix Rose

I really loved my makeup and think it was the right decision doing it by myself. I also know that it was kind of colorful and bold since most brides go with a nude lipstick and just a hint of blush, but this is how I am and how I feel best so I think this was totally appropriate for me cause in the end I was the bride and had to feel as comfortable and pretty as possible. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
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Makeup Tutorial – the nudes for everday….


Hello friends and happy Friday,
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welcome to my first ever makeup tutorial. I hope I am not doing too bad. I am sharing my recent favorite makeup look. I have never been a huge fan for nude lips as I always thought it looks a little strange blending in your lips with your makeup (cause I am all for color) but since I discovered this MAC Lipstick which still counts as a nude shade/color I am all for it. The shade is called Persistence (I would say it is a medium brown color with a warm undertone) and I also have the matching liner in the color Spice. I bought this Lip Duo as I got a gift card for the MAC store and as much as I wanted to leave with a red set I got the nude lip duo and loved it ever since.

I am wearing this color almost on a daily base and totally adore it. It had the perfect undertone to match my skincolor. I also have the Whirl lipstick but I don´t like it that much. In my opinion it is a little to harsh for me.

So here is the rest of my tutorial:

Clinique All About Eyes CreamAnti Blemish Solutions all-over clearing treatment // In the mornings after cleaning/washing my face and before putting on my make-up I use a moisturizer and an eye-cream. Both are from Clinique (currently as I am trying out new products all the time). The Clinique all about eyes cream has a rich texture which I think is perfect for the under eye region to keep it moisturized, depuffed and awake looking. The face cream I am using is the Clinique Anti Blemish solutions all-over clearing treatment. It is a light, non oily face lotion which moisturizes your skin without leaving a greasy feel. And it also helps to prevent new breakouts and clear the old ones. I have used it about a two months now and really like it. I would stick to it but i my opinion it is too light for fall and winter.

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer // After that I usually use a concealer but I skipped it here for a primer instead. I have gotten the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer in a sample size as I purchased their All Nighter setting spray and have used it ever since. It defenitely evens out your skin and makes it extra smooth. And that creates such an even look. Definitely gonna buy the big size when it´s empty.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation // The foundation I am using is the MAC studio fix in the color NC15 and I loved it since I got it. The coverage is amazing and it is buildable without looking like a mask. I got it for my wedding makeup and also used it for several other shoots. Although I have tried many more from other brands I totally adore this one.

Maybelline Fit Me Presed Powder // For additional coverage I am using the Maybelline Fit Me face powder in shade 105. I am convinced that their powder keeps my skin a lot longer matte than any other I have tried so far. 

MAC Brow Sculpt // For my eyebrows I am using the MAC Brow Sculpt in color Fling. I didn´t like it from the beginning cause I had a brow powder before and the pencil feels like a crayon but I have got used to fill in my brows with it and I would purchase it again. Also the color I got really matches my real eyebrow tone so there is no overcoloring.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara // My mascara is the Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara from essence and although it is the cheapest mascara I have ever gotten it is awesome. It creates super thick and super long lashes. One of the best drug store mascaras on the market. Lots of times it is sold out.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer // This is such a basic piece 90% of the women I know have in their makeup bag but it is also pretty versatile. You can use it as bronzer, blush or even as eyeshadow. I personally love using it as a blush for a natural look on my cheeks.

Sephora Face Shimmering Powder // For highlighting my bronzer I am using the face shimmering powder from Sephora in color 02 natural glow. It is such a pretty product. The pigmentation is incredible good and also the product itself is really pretty. 

Smashbox Cali Contour Palette // My most used shade in this palette is the lightest shade as I use it for brightening up my under eye area and also highlight my under brow section. But I also love using the two highlight shades above my blush. I have to admit I don´t use it to contour that much. 

MAC Matte LipstickMAC Lip Pencil // I love lipsticks. If I only could use a few pieces of my makeup lipsticks would always be on top. I just love to add some color to my look. Lipstick expresses my feels for the day. Do I feel great and overall happy I am mostly choosing a more bold and vibrant color. That is how I express my mood in my makeup. I have talked about this lip duo at the beginning of my post so I am not gonna rave about it again although I love it pretty much.

Wow this has been a long post. I am sorry if it was a bit too much information but these are all the products I used for this look and I wanted to at least give you some basic information why I use and like them.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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My thoughts on the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition eyeshadow & highlighter palette…

shorts H&M similar here and here / off-shoulder shirt unknown similar here, here and here / vanity case River Island other style here, similar case here and here 


Hi guys,
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since I haven´t done a beauty post in a while but got a ton of products to try for myself I am now sharing them piece by piece with you.

So let´s talk beauty today. I wanted the Carli Bybel Deluxe palette since I saw her talk about it on her Youtube channel but things don´t come as quick to Germany as I would wish for so I waited ages and then I forgot about it (typically me) so when I finally saw our drug store carry it I had to get it immediately.

The palette has the eyeshadow colors I love and use pretty much every day. Browns and soft pinks and lots of glitter or metallic finish. 

The one and only eyeshadow palette I have been using for a long time was the Coastal Scents Warm and Metal Mania palette. Each has 88 shades on its own so you practically don´t need anymore. 

But as I said I was curious about the palette and finally got it.
The metallic shades (7) are super pigmented which means less goes a long way. The effect is even better when you are applying them with a wet eyeshadow brush. 

The matte shades are color coordinated for blending in with the highly pigmented metallic shades. 

The big shades are highlighter colors but they could easily be used as eyeshadow too. Especially when you have fair skin like I do the right shade would be way to dark.

The palette and the whole brand is cruelty free which means they are not testing on animals.

Another thing I love is the packing. Although it is made of cardboard it is beautifully colored and so pretty. The rose gold font competes the look. There is a small mirror inside but in my opinion that is not necessary. I am always using a big led mirror for doing my make-up.

Overall I really like the palette and since the pots are big and you don´t need much color for your lid I think the palette lasts a long time. The 24 Euro are well spend.

If there is anything else you want me to test let me know.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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