Colorful Pleated Summer Dress…


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How fun is this colorful dress !! It includes all the beautiful colors you want to find in a Summer dress. I got it a few weeks back and it fits very well cause of the pleats. While I am writing this baby girl is kicking up a strom and I can´t but wonder how she will look like. 

Other than that I have had my ups and downs with this pregnancy a lot more than with the other two. But enough of my rambling. Let´s talk about how to style this dress. In my opinion you do not need much in the Summer. Cute shoes and a fun pair of earrings should be enough. I have worn a pair of blush flats (of course if you don´t have swollen or tired feet you could also wear wedges or a kitten heel) and a fun pair of pink flamingo earrings with tassels.


Strawberry Red Dress…


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This might be one of the most magnificent Summer dresses I have seen in a while. Everyhting about it is just so pretty – the ruffle detailing on the hem and the sleeves, the vibrant Red color and of course the stunning back. 

I originally got this for our Italy vacation later this Summer but let´s say what everyone else is thinking – this won´t fit me in a few months so I need to make the most of it now. 

We went strawberry picking today and I am very glad I have worn it cause the color shows no stains of strawberry juice. Horray!!!!

The dress itself is from SheIn and still available plus it is under 15 Euro. I have paired it with brown accessories but you could also do gold, white or maybe a color block with blush or a shade of green. 

Dress SheIn


Summer Fashion Trends…


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Every season has its own trends and while I love all things Fall the most I am very happy with most of the Summer trends cause it involves some of the most beautiful colors and I can´t say no to lots of color in the Summer.

So I have been eyeing some trends a while now and while I thought many more would be cute and can only share the few that still work with a growing baby bump. I tell you it is not easy ordering stuff and then two weeks later after trying it on it has become pretty tight already. Very depressing but I am also super happy that I can throw on easy breezy dressy all day every day and am ready and dressed for the hot days. There are definitely some upsides to being pregnant in the Summer.

Summer Fashion Trends

Lemon Print

This has to be my favorite trend. I am one for almost every print but lemon print is just so cute and refreshing and I love yellow so much. There aren´t many more prints that scream Summer like a lemon print does (besides shells and palm trees).

Summer Knits

This is a little bit of a controversial trend but I personally love a cute knit piece and am glad that it is possible to get these for the Summer as well. I have plenty of pool cover-ups which are knitted and know I can also style this cute knitted t-shirt and a perfectly knitted striped pant in the Summer as well. Both are very thin and easy breezy, nothing wooly or scratchy so don´t be afraid to try it out. I am sure you want sweat any more or less. 

Co-Ord Sets

My love for a co-ord set runs very very deep. I just like when everything matches and this is the perfect solution. Of course you could also split it up and style it with different pieces for more outfit options but that just doesn´t feel right to me. I have gotten this cute red and beige set from NKD but I have also found many cute ones on amazon or SheIn.

Pajama Pants

How amazingly comfortable is this trend!!! I mean it doesn´t get any cozier than pj´s am I right! I got a classic blue and white striped pant and styled a cute Summer themed graphic tee with it. 

Sheer Lace Shirts

This is a trend I have already had in the 90´s but to be honest as much as I am dreading the comeback trends this is very useful especially in the Summer. It covers your shoulders and arms perfectly and doesn´t add warmth to your outfit. Also how cute are the ruffles.


Front Tie Shirts

I just love the current front tie trends. I have shared the IT-shirt of the Summer with you last week and I love it so much, unfortunately it gets harder by the day to wear these with a growing bump. Looks very cute over a dress or as a shirt with a skirt or pant itself.


Huge Bump Friendly Summer Outfit Round-Up…



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I have never actually been pregnant through the whole Summer, a little into Summer in the end of my second pregnancy and also through the last weeks of Summer with my first but never very very pregnant over the whole time.

It actually is still fun getting dressed cause I have lots of flowy dresses and also don´t mind wearing them all day every day but I am very sure when the real heat wave hits us I won´t be as happy anymore. 

Anyways I hope to give you some inspo that it is still possible looking cute while being 7 months pregnant and out in the heat. I have tried my very best cause I also have days where I think I can not do this anymore and there soon won´t be anything that fits or even looks good but we all have our insecurities pregnant or not and long for outfit inspo from time to time. And to be honest when I leave the house dressed and styled I definitely feel better and have a better mood.