#travelthursday – packing for Italy – gadgets, tips and tricks….

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Hi guys,
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I am finally packing for Italy. It´s like I have been waiting for this vacation like forever. With all the wedding planning and work besides I am really needing some days at the pool. Eating pasta, drinking wine and enjoying the sun. Hopefully I am able to read a book or two I packed.

I am always on the hunt for smart travel gadgets (and of course cute ones) so by the time we book a vacation I start on researching what other bloggers got and also what for example amazon recommends. 
So I am back for packing this year with the Suit Suit Caretta in color Pink Lady in size 75 cm (not picutred). And the matching packing cube set in pink dust cause I really hate when panties, socks or my bikinis flying around in the suitcase. The middle one would also be perfect for storing your belts.

Let´s move on to antoher really cute thing I got. A passport case from Sass & Belle in a vintage map print. In fact I wouldn´t need my passport for this trip cause we are travelling inside the EU and my ID card would be enough but let´s be honest – how cute is this. I got mine from amazon but Asos also carries it.

I always put my jewelry in a different and safe case cause I hate when all the pieces get lost or tangle up. A few weeks ago I found this adorable golden (seems like I have a thing for gold here) jewelry case for on the go. It seems kind of small but it works for me. 
 It is from Songmics. They sell various stuff on amazon and I really like their brand. So far I have gotten an earring rack, a clothes rail a also a small bench which acts like a side table. They have the best acrylic containers for jewelry and make-up and so much more. Totally recommend their stuff.

Tech pieces can be really tricky for me cause I want them to look cute but that doesn´t always mean that they are functional or great quality but I think I did pretty well this time.

The orange travel case is from London. I have seen it at a little store down at the uber. In my opinion it is very practical when you have a case where you can store all of your paperwork like hotel reservations, receipts or tax forms. Most of the stuff is saved on our phones but I really prefer having a piece of paper in my hand. Since I don´t know where I got it I have listed a similar option.

Belkin MixIt metallic AUX cable
We are going by car and we have been to Italy a few times before. Since you are passing two countries and so many regions you have to switch your radio stations a few times and that is so annyoing. This is the reason why we got an AUX cable this time. Now we are able to listen to our Spotify playlists and sing along.
Poweradd Pilot powerbank in color gold

This probably is self explanatory. I can´t change my phone in the car cause I would need another adapter so I got a matching powerbank to keep my phone fully loaded. Also great if you are taking day trips.
nylon micor USB charge cable
2 pieces in the set in color gold
I was tired of the plastic cords breaking so I got nylon cables. They are also 2 metres long so can plug them in easily and don´t have to worry about stepping on your phone while it charges on the floor.

Mosiso notebook case
in color blush
When we are just a few days away I am usually not taking my notebook whith me cause I can easily plan posts upfront and don´t have a problem. But this time we are staying a complete week and I want to post looks from Lake Garda as new as possible.

Phew this was a long post but at least I have covered all my important travel stuff. There is going to be a second post how I pack my beauty products next week. Be sure to check back.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.