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I haveń t been to a nail salon in years and to be honest sometimes I would love to have those perfect and carefree nails back but it is what it is. I do not want to spend the time there so I have been searching up and down and trying a lot of different types of polishes and manicure optioins and I wanted to share my number one with you today.

The essie brand has been a favorite of mine for many years not only because of the hundreds of color options and cool limited editions but it just holds up so well.

At home nail salon with Essie Gel


The Essie ‘ Gel 2-step nail polish is supposed to hold up as long as two weeks without any chipping or scratching. All you need is a color of your choice and the top coat that is supposed to seal everything in. It holds up way longer than your ususal nail polish plus top coat but so far I haven ´t made it to two weeks (but maybe only because I love to switch up colors a lot). Ten days are also a fabulously great outcome if you ask me.

There aren ´t as many gel nail polish colors as normal ones yet but this a great range to choose from and there are more and more so we will probably get to everyones favorite color very soon.

I am wearing a bright red here – Lady in Red. All the other colors are blush / pink / red but I am definitely getting a black or midnight blue for Fall / Winter.

It only takes tops 15 minutes and you are ready. Always depends on how many coats of color you are applying. Although it isn´t quick dry I think it dries up a lot faster than other polishes.

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