Regensburg Guide – Lunch at the Brauhaus, Thurn & Taxis Castle, Basilika, Church St. Emmeram and the BEST Carrot Cake…


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It is getting royal in this post with lots of majestic buildings and even better food. We have explored the grounds of the castle Thurn & Taxis which is still owned and operated by the royal family. They also still life there. Gloria von Thurn and Taxis is the head of the family and a very colorful person.

The castle grounds are huge with lots of beautiful gardens but most of it isn´t open to the public. 


Yearly dates of festivities at the castle:

Musical and Open Air Festival with international artist (Schlossfestspiele) – July

Christmas Market – December



This really is a family favorite. We have been going there for years mostly around Christmas cause the decoration is really pretty then. But you visit at any time of the year and even sit ouside in the Summer months. A classic roast is a dish you can never go wrong with but anything BBQ is also always a hit. 


Thurn & Taxis Castle

The castle is super beautiful inside. So so pretty. I love taking tours of castles and I just can´t believe that real people have lived there hundreds of years ago. It was not allowed to take pictures inside the castle so I only have outside shots but it is definitely worth to take a tour. It takes 1 1/2 hours and you can really see so much. If you speak another language than German you can get an audio guide and listen to it. 

If you are visiting in April or the beginning of May you will see the magnolia trees in front of the castle in full bloom. A real highlight itself.

This is the site you can learn more about the tours and the museum. You can book it online or buy a ticket right at the museum shop.


Basilika / Church St. Emmeram 

Church St. Emmeram is the family owned little cathedral. It is mostly open and you can also go inside (no entrance fee) and take a look around but only if there isn´t a mass at the moment. 


I have had the BEST carrot cake ever in this cute little café. This might be the smallest coffee shop I have ever visited. There are lots of plants hanging from the ceiling and the chairs are the most colorful ever. If you are visiting with small children you should be aware that there won´t be any space to take your stroller inside but you can park it at the back plus everything is made of glass so you can look outside. On warm summer days you can also eat outside. Breakfast is also available. 


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Stadtamhof, Old Town Bridge, Salzstadl and Wurstkuchl


Regensburg Guide – Stadtamhof, Old Town Bridge, Salzstadl and Wurstkuchl…

Old Map from Regensburg from hundreds of years ago with the city wall still intact

views left and right from the bridge


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Welcome to another guide to our beloved city. I am breaking it down into a bunch cause I want it as detailed as possible for you which requires lots of text and photos. 

If you are up for breakfast already you can read all about it in my Regensburg Brunch and Breakfast Guide.


We have started our way on the outer part of the city centre, a small part of the city called Stadtamhof. The main street of Stadtamhof offers lots of restaurants and cafés as well as a rainbow row of buildings. You can enter through a old arch made of thick stone and immediately see all of the colorful buildings. Over the cobblestone streets you can walk right towards the Old Town Bridge. In the Summer month Stadtamhof is very crowded and lots of people wait on line to eat in the small authentic restaurants so I would recommend go there early or off-season cause this is not pleasant at all. 


Old Town Bridge

Walking onto the old town bridge brings you one step closer to the city centre. It has been there since the 12th century and connects Stadtamhof with the old part of the city. It was the only connection into the city for a long time but since there is no city wall anymore you can get to the old town from various sides. There is a tale that the builders of the big cathedral and the old town bridge had a competition going on about who finishes first which also involved the devil. Really interesting to read.



This is the world´s oldest restaurant which sells sausages like this. You can sit outside right by the river Danube and enjoy a pair of bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard and have an ice cold beer with it. Very delicious and typical for our city. But to be honest it can get very crowded here and you probably won´t find many locals cause it is expensive compared to other places. The sausages taste really really good and the view is amazing but it comes with a price. 



Right at the end of the bridge and besides the Wurstkuchl is the Regensburger Salzstadl and as the name already tells was the in 1616 built Salzstadl´s use mainly to store salt. It is a beautiful building which´s entrance is right under a big arch. I love the striped shutters and the overall look of the building. You can see it from afar and it is such a landmark of the city.

Nowadays you can visit the building and learn more about the history and it can also be rented for weddings and other festivites which wasn´t always the case. Sitting right by the lake has its perks but also can go horribly wrong. The Salzstadl has been flooded so many times I am sure people have lost count already. The inside is below river height so when the river rises from rain it doen´t even take long.


All of these sights are free to visit (you just pay for the food at the Wurstkuchl, if you want to try it) which is important too when you are out exploring a new city. It can become a lot of fees quickly at many other places but in my opinion Regensburg is a great place to see a lot of things and pay less. 


Casual Saturday #5….


Good morning and happy Saturday,

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I am really happy today cause the temperatures had been in the high twenties the whole week which means sandals and dresses as much as I can wear. 

The next week means spare-time for me and Florian is still at home (until the 31st) so we planned lots of fun things to do. We planned on visiting a famous lake near Munich and a botanical garden with a chinese inspred temple. 

Yesterday we had our first garden party on our patio. After setting up our furniture and getting everything ready outside we officially opened our patio. It was a really nice evening, having a BBQ with friends, good food, drinks and good weather. That is how I like my Summer evenings.
I didn´t have too much work upront. The flowers where made by a local florist and I only had to “cook” the salads. 

We didn´t really do so much cause I had some migraine episodes all over the week. Really bad ones. I especially hate when they are starting at night cause you can´t prevent the pain before it gets really bad so that you wake up from. 

On another note I now have a shopstylecollective widget on the bottom of most of my posts which makes shopping for you a lot easier but I still have linked all the items in the text too.

So because I was ill most of the week I didn´t try anything new or really cooked as much as usual and nothing special at all.
But I made a “Bellinie cake” with peaches and champagne yesterday. It is one of my favorites cakes. It is pretty simple to make but it takes some time to get all the ingredients together.

And the other foods I made are the salds for the BBQ. They aren´t as simple as salad may sound.

 – an Italian noodle salad with pesto

– a gnocchi salad with parmesan and basil

– a greek salad

 (this cute oil & vinegar set just arrived in time from amazon)

and another dish I made are baked potatoes with bacon, cheese and leek.
Got this one from Instagram and it is simple, delcicous and makes a perfect side dish for a BBQ.

I got the latest Instyle magazine and there are some amazing pieces like off-shoulder shirts, lace shirt and pretty sandals.

I also found a new blog (well, not new but new to me). It is about lifestyle, food and home decor. The beautiful lady is called Monika Hibbs and her tablescapes are insane. So so pretty.

I hadn´t been interested in much this week but I am eyeing with these pink block heels sandals from even&odd. Arent´t they pretty and the color is so beautiful. Perfect for Summer. 

Also really pretty is this shopper from LYDC and this off-shoulder top from Vero Moda. 

Things are pink over here this week.

In fact there wasn´t a thing I watched this week. To much to do. Too tired. I wanted to be outside the few hours I had left in the evenig as the weather is so nice.

My bedroom tour post went up on Wednesday. You can read it here.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

Spring Cravings…..


Hi guys,
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the first sunrays and the first flowers blooming I started to make
things new. I redecorated my living room and my kitchen in pastells like
rose, yellow, mint, lavender. I am totally into this colors and also
flower and gingham patterns. Everything mixed with white is so springish and of course there are lots of fashion options as well.

den ersten Sonnenstrahlen und den ersten blühenden Blumen hab ich
angefangen so einiges neu zu machen. I habe das Wohnzimmer und die Küche
neu dekoriert in wunderschönen Pastelltönen wie Mintgrün, Gelb, Rosa
und Flieder. Immer am Anfang des Frühlings bin ich total begeistert von
all den Farben die die Natur erzeugen kann und das wirkt sich auch auf
meine Garderobe aus. Mir gefallen dann die ganzen Farben und blumigen
Muster zu gut. Hier sind ein paar meiner Frühlings Must-Haves. Welche
gefallen euch am besten ?

Above are some of my Spring cravings I had an eye on since they started coming out – still at the end of the Winter but just in time for the first thoughts of Spring. The Coach bag already found its way into my dressing room 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. 
Take care. See you.