Regensburg Guide – Lunch at the Brauhaus, Thurn & Taxis Castle, Basilika, Church St. Emmeram and the BEST Carrot Cake…


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It is getting royal in this post with lots of majestic buildings and even better food. We have explored the grounds of the castle Thurn & Taxis which is still owned and operated by the royal family. They also still life there. Gloria von Thurn and Taxis is the head of the family and a very colorful person.

The castle grounds are huge with lots of beautiful gardens but most of it isn´t open to the public. 


Yearly dates of festivities at the castle:

Musical and Open Air Festival with international artist (Schlossfestspiele) – July

Christmas Market – December



This really is a family favorite. We have been going there for years mostly around Christmas cause the decoration is really pretty then. But you visit at any time of the year and even sit ouside in the Summer months. A classic roast is a dish you can never go wrong with but anything BBQ is also always a hit. 


Thurn & Taxis Castle

The castle is super beautiful inside. So so pretty. I love taking tours of castles and I just can´t believe that real people have lived there hundreds of years ago. It was not allowed to take pictures inside the castle so I only have outside shots but it is definitely worth to take a tour. It takes 1 1/2 hours and you can really see so much. If you speak another language than German you can get an audio guide and listen to it. 

If you are visiting in April or the beginning of May you will see the magnolia trees in front of the castle in full bloom. A real highlight itself.

This is the site you can learn more about the tours and the museum. You can book it online or buy a ticket right at the museum shop.


Basilika / Church St. Emmeram 

Church St. Emmeram is the family owned little cathedral. It is mostly open and you can also go inside (no entrance fee) and take a look around but only if there isn´t a mass at the moment. 


I have had the BEST carrot cake ever in this cute little café. This might be the smallest coffee shop I have ever visited. There are lots of plants hanging from the ceiling and the chairs are the most colorful ever. If you are visiting with small children you should be aware that there won´t be any space to take your stroller inside but you can park it at the back plus everything is made of glass so you can look outside. On warm summer days you can also eat outside. Breakfast is also available. 


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Regensburg Brunch and Breakfast Spots

Stadtamhof, Old Town Bridge, Salzstadl and Wurstkuchl


Regensburg Guide – Stadtamhof, Old Town Bridge, Salzstadl and Wurstkuchl…

Old Map from Regensburg from hundreds of years ago with the city wall still intact

views left and right from the bridge


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Welcome to another guide to our beloved city. I am breaking it down into a bunch cause I want it as detailed as possible for you which requires lots of text and photos. 

If you are up for breakfast already you can read all about it in my Regensburg Brunch and Breakfast Guide.


We have started our way on the outer part of the city centre, a small part of the city called Stadtamhof. The main street of Stadtamhof offers lots of restaurants and cafés as well as a rainbow row of buildings. You can enter through a old arch made of thick stone and immediately see all of the colorful buildings. Over the cobblestone streets you can walk right towards the Old Town Bridge. In the Summer month Stadtamhof is very crowded and lots of people wait on line to eat in the small authentic restaurants so I would recommend go there early or off-season cause this is not pleasant at all. 


Old Town Bridge

Walking onto the old town bridge brings you one step closer to the city centre. It has been there since the 12th century and connects Stadtamhof with the old part of the city. It was the only connection into the city for a long time but since there is no city wall anymore you can get to the old town from various sides. There is a tale that the builders of the big cathedral and the old town bridge had a competition going on about who finishes first which also involved the devil. Really interesting to read.



This is the world´s oldest restaurant which sells sausages like this. You can sit outside right by the river Danube and enjoy a pair of bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard and have an ice cold beer with it. Very delicious and typical for our city. But to be honest it can get very crowded here and you probably won´t find many locals cause it is expensive compared to other places. The sausages taste really really good and the view is amazing but it comes with a price. 



Right at the end of the bridge and besides the Wurstkuchl is the Regensburger Salzstadl and as the name already tells was the in 1616 built Salzstadl´s use mainly to store salt. It is a beautiful building which´s entrance is right under a big arch. I love the striped shutters and the overall look of the building. You can see it from afar and it is such a landmark of the city.

Nowadays you can visit the building and learn more about the history and it can also be rented for weddings and other festivites which wasn´t always the case. Sitting right by the lake has its perks but also can go horribly wrong. The Salzstadl has been flooded so many times I am sure people have lost count already. The inside is below river height so when the river rises from rain it doen´t even take long.


All of these sights are free to visit (you just pay for the food at the Wurstkuchl, if you want to try it) which is important too when you are out exploring a new city. It can become a lot of fees quickly at many other places but in my opinion Regensburg is a great place to see a lot of things and pay less. 


Regensburg Brunch and Breakfast Spots Part#1…


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I LOVE breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day and I would rather eat breakfast dishes than anything else. Always. So since having children we are no strangers to getting up early and so we decided to go and try all of the different berakfast spots we can find in our city. 

I wanted to break it up in two parts cause we have tested a few and that would be way to much info at once. If you are ever in Regensburg, either for vacation or business you should definitely check out these places. We have been lots of times and tried the breakfast menu up and down. I am going to share my favorites of each and also some other significant things.

Also to be clear about breakfast. We do not like the normal breakfast like a piece of bread, butter and cheese. We always look for pancakes or waffles, egg variations and bowls. 

Breakfast / Brunch Spots in Regensburg


By far our favorite – by far. They have the most delicious and most extra dishes for breakfast. From eggs benedict to bowls, waffles, french toast and pancakes to avocado toast and breakfast burritos there really is something for everyone. They have a gluten free pancake option. Lots of different coffees (we are cappuccino people) and other hot beverages as well as juice and their own fresh lemonade. 

The garden behind is super pretty with lots of shade in the Summer. The inside is pretty as well but too big. There are some stairs everywhere so you will not be able to access the garden or the restrooms with a wheelchair. Also they do not have a changing table for babies. It is fairly priced and the dishes usually come very quick. Portions are pretty big. If you want to eat two different ones you´ll better share.


We have visited Charlie´s a few times now and it has great breakfast options but not as many as I´d hope for. The terrace and the indoors are super modern (black and gold always looks great together) and moody. Outside it can be a bit noisy cause there are two major streets going along. Also there is not much space inside so it will be a bit cozy if you are having a mom brunch with more than one stroller. Also the toilets are downstairs and there is no possibility for a wheelchair to get down other than the stairs.They do have a changing table for babies.

The pancakes and the breakfast sandwich are the best options to choose from. Of course you also can not go wrong with bacon and eggs. The prices are reasonable and the size of the portions are fine.



Café Kona

If you are having kids with you to take to breakfast this will be the best option. They have a corner with toys and books and small furniture to sit on. The breakfast is pretty normal. Bread, cold cuts and cheese and vegetables but the croissants are amazing.  They are warm and soft and delicious. I always order two cause they are gone pretty quick. Plus they offer bagels. I always take the English Bagel with bacon and eggs and beans.

There is a seperate bathroom to change diapers. You can get inside through the garden at the back of the restaurant if you have a stroller or wheelchair. If you are around the area in Fall make sure to try their pumpkin spice latte. I kid you not it tastes amazing.



Super small restaurant with a cute little garden on the back but also has super narrow aisles. It will be hard maneuvering with a stroller and that is why it´s best to sit out front. 

I love their pancakes and eggs plus the plates are the most colorful and pretty I have ever seen. 


Little Tony´s 

It is a two-storey restaurant. Pretty small but very cute. There isn´t much seating whether on the first or the second floor so I would make sure to make a reservation. There is a very small outdoor seating area but of course it is closed in Winter. 

I love to order the bacon and egg bread and the pancakes. So so good every damn time. Why is breakfast so much fun!! 

Very limited space for strollers but it is possible to get in and also toilets are accessable for wheelchairs and a changing table for kids is also available.


Part two is coming soon but there are a few places I need to get back first as well as to try more of their foods.


My top 5 restaurants in Regensburg….

Hi dolls,
we all love to go out for dinner (I really do – because I like to cook extraordinary things which means a lot of dirty dishes) so here is a recap of my top 5 restaurants in Regensburg.
Florian and I usually go out for dinner once a week (Wednesday is our date night) and we always take another restaurant to try out new food from other countries or restaurants which just openend.So today I am showing my top 5 restaurants in our area to you where we love to go over and over again. 

Kullmann´s Diner
 Best burger in Town




This restaurant really defines a restaurant with great American food for me. The inventory is reproduced like the restaurants from the 60´s with red leather chairs and bar stools. They offer the classics like burgers, sandwiches and chicken wings but they also have a variety on different steaks, lots of delicous salads and many options for vegetarians.
I can recommend the:– Tribeca Diner Sandwich (this was mine)
– Kullman´s Roadside burger (this was Florian´s) – both served with delicious curly fries.

California Kitchen
Beach House







In my imagination this really could be a cool californian beach restaurant where the surfer crowds stop by for lunch or dinner. Is has this wooden and rustic but still comfortable furnishing. The kitchen is light and mexican infused. They got different kinds of salads, chicken teriyaki, burritos or quesadillas filled with vegetables or beef and homemade sauces and burgers as well.

I can definitely recommend the:

– Caesar chicken saldad. The chicken is so juicy and the dressing tastes really great.
– Old fashioned burger with extra cheese. They have a special burger bun only made for their restaurant and this is so good. Also the sauce on the burger is just created for this one. The whole combination tastes awesome.

Sandwiches and Ale
Marple & Stringer


An apple cider, a wooden rustic inventory and delicious fish & chips – that´s what it takes to visit a good english pub. I first was a little sceptical about this one cause the spot is tiny and pretty old and I haven´t tried English food before but we have eaten there many times since the opening. It is a nice and sometimes welcome change. I can recommend the:

– Fish & chips with 3 different sauces – great to dip
– Pulled pork sandwich – tender meat, a crispy fresh bun, cole and pickles and of course a perfect smoked BBQ sauce

Tiziano Ristorante-Bar
The best Italian restaurant I have ever been to




A small and romantic Italian restaurant with dimmed light and super modern interieur. This is my favorite Italian restaurant in the whole world. The food is so delicous everytime we go there. Usually we are only heading there for a special ocassion since it is a pricey restaurant but this is totally worth it and they are dog friendly. 
(Booking a table is highly recommended – they are always full)

I can recommend the:

– Baby octopus with vegetables (spiced so well with garlic and herbs) and the octopus is so soft – just on point. My absolute all time favorite.

– Spaghetti scampi with scampis and a sauce with lots of garlic.
– Fettuccelle mare e monti with zucchini, scampis and tomatoe sauce.
 –  Fettuccine guilietta e romeo is pasta with mushrooms and beef. I don´t like mushrooms at all but this tasted so so good. 

Florian ate all the pasta. He is trying out a different one each time we go there but I am always picking out the things I want to try. 🙂

Homecooking interpreted tasty and new











This restaurant is probably the nearest to the Bavarian food traditions. They serve anything you could think about when you are looking for this direction. 
The furnishing is rustic and old-fashioned but this is typical for this kind of restaurants.

They cook traditionally food but with a modern twist. For example I ordered a double-burger and the bun was made of bavarian pretzel dough. So really cool and it tasted great. 

I can recommend the:
– Weltenburger,  double Burger made of a pretzel bun with french fries and a tasty barbeque dip
– Weltenburger Beercutlet, a cutlet with lots of fried onions and fried potatoe slices
– Schwabenpfandl, little pieces of pork meat in a sauce made of sourcream, broth and mushrooms and some kind of noodles

 They are brewing their own beer which you can also order.

There are many more good restaurants but these are definitely my top 5 I would recommend to anyone and visit anytime.

Maybe when you are visiting my area you can try out one or two. Feel free to contact me if you would like some information.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.