Hallway Make-Over – Wallpaper, Decor and Color…


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It was definitely time to do something with our boring hallway. I have thought about it for months and I came to the conclusion that just some color wasn´t enough. It had to be wallpaper and a mirror with a wow factor right at the entrance of to our hallway.

Color Theme

We had a blue runner in the hallway and the whole decor was also very blue and silver and gray and white but to be honest I do not like gray anymore. It is just too much in this house. This has to change so I was looking for a wallpaper with a beige background. I had several in my cart but decided on the greenery one. I has different kinds of palm trees on it and looks superior in the halln äü



What I have changed

In fact I have changed everything except the furniture. The statement piece besides the gorgeous wallpaper is the wooden mirror. It hits the eye right when you enter the room. The decor also matches perfectly and if you look closely I have used an old picutre we had in the old office before. 

It was a very quick process to paint the wall and add the wallpaper. All in all it might have taken half a day but the impact on this little room is huge. It makes me just so happy seeing it this way everyday I come home.