My top 5 items to wear when pregnant and where to shop for maternity pieces…


FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!


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Finding cute maternity fashion isn´t as hard as it used to be but still not exactly what we are looking for. There are a few key pieces that in my opinon have be to a maternity piece but other than that there are numerous options out there which you can choose from normal clothes.

I am rounding up lots of outfits I loved to wear while pregnant and also what pieces were the easiest to get and wear. I have 5 items that work for every pregnancy not matter the season.

Top five items to wear when pregnant…

A-Line Dress

Leggings and oversized t-shirt

Bodycon dress



….as far as shops go I love to shop at

H&M – they have a maternity section but thanks to all of the oversized trends you can easily shop shirts, sweaters, knit skirts and dresses without a problem. Just size up (but in most of the cases even this isn´t necessary). These are also the only maternity jeans I buy. 

Asos – also offers a huge maternity section. It is a littel difficult to shop the maternity pieces cause some are true to your pre-pregnancy size and some run a little small. I had a hard time finding a wedding guest dress because of the sizing but in the end everything was fine also the Asos customer service is the absolute worst !!

Mango / Zara – I love getting all the flowy dresses / or knit dresses in the Winter (depends on the season) from here. Always have great offers and you can wear the pieces after your pregnancy as well. 

Amazon – I got some cute dresses, my breastfeeding bras and my going home outfit from amazon as well as many things for my hospital bag.

I know that that these might not be the shops you were looking for but to be honest they are everywhere on the planet and I can share as much pieces as possible with you. Also it´s still about affordable fashion even more when it comes to maternity pieces cause you won´t need / wear these as much / frequent as normal sized items. 

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Mint Eyelet Dress…


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It has somehow became Summer over last 10 days and it has definitely krept up on us but not in a bad way cause now I can definitely wear all of my roomy Summer dresses and that is all I want at 9 month pregnant.

I have gotten this cute eyelet mint dress about two weeks ago and I love it so much I also got it in black the other day. It´s super flattering and forgiving and will be great postpartum. I paired it with a cute blue denim jacket a some nude espadrilles but it was a pretty hot day so I could have let the jacket at home. 

The raffia handbag is my newest addition and I love it. The size is great, it has long and short handles and the color is amazing. It just fits all of my Summer dresses. Raffia bags are just my favorite for Summer. 

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What I wear in a week #reallife – #31…

handbag Anna Field / dress amazon 


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Two more days and then the countdown is on. 4 more weeks to go until our sweet baby is here and I really can not believe how fast the last weeks have flown by and also that I can still find pieces of clothes in my closet I can fit into. I mean you really can´t see that I am pregnant if you are standing behind me but from the front my bump is massive. Definitely bigger than with Emilia although I still have 6 kilo less than with her. Who knows how this works out?!

But let´s have a look at all of my looks. At this point only dresses work out. Also only dresses that don´t have a stiff waitstband but still I think I am doing pretty fine.

handbag Anna Field / dress NKD


espadrilles Asos Desing / dress esmara / handbag Anna Field / handbag H&M


flats H&M / dress even & odd / earrings amazon


dress H&M / handbag Furla


kimono SheIn / mules Stiefelparadies / dress H&M 

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