Food Friday – healthy fingerfood – zucchini dippers…

 the soccer arena plates are from amazon

Hi guys,
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we are finally in the last week of the soccer World Cup and I am glad. It had been quite the stress. Watching soccer everyday and although the German team dropped out and the US team didn´t participate we still turned on for every game to at least have it running in the background.
My last fingerfood recipe which goes perfect for watching TV on the sofa I made these phenomenal zucchini dippers. Guys they taste so good, SOO good. I am not a huge zucchini fan and if it is possible I manage my way around them but they are awesome.

Super easy. You only need 4 main ingredients and the spices you like.

–  1 1/2 cups zucchini (grated)
– 1/2 cup shredded cheese (I used parmesan)
– 2 eggs 
– 1 cup bread crumbs 
– spices as you like

– grate zucchini with a kitchen grater on the smallest side
– be sure to get as much water out of the grated zucchini. Works best with a kitchen towel or paper towels
– press hard against to soak up as much as possible
– put all the ingredients together and mix 
– make little tots out of the batter (I used a tablespoon for portioning to get the sizes equal)
– put on a baking sheet and bake at 170° degrees until golden and slightly crisp on the outside
– serve on plate with different dips (mine where garlic and chilli from the BBQ section of our local supermarket)

Any guesses who will win the Soccer World Cup ?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Travel Diary Lago Di Garda, Italy Part 1 – Day 1 and 2….

Our favorite restaurant – Torre al Casillo – aka “The barrel bar”

Official entrance to Lazise / parking lot is right across

the small but adorable marina of Lazise

The Aperol Spritz is a classic Italian drink or aperitif which shouldn´t be missing when you are dining out.


Grilled turkey and vegetables at our favortie restaurant in Lazise

Restaurant Classique

The sunset was picturesque


Hi dolls,

since this is one of my favorite vacation spots it is no surprise that we went back to enjoy the Italian sun, the landscpape the food and the vino.

This time I am giving you a little more insight on what we did and also how to get there. Talking about expenses you don´t know before and anything else I can remember.

 Day I:
  So we started on a Monday morning and also tried to get up as soon as possible. This is always hard for us and usually we are getting about one hour later out of the house as we have plan but I think we managed pretty good this time. Wanted to leave at 06:30 a.m. and left shortly after 07:00 a.m.

We always go there by car which means we are crossing 3 countries. So after leaving Germany we are driving through Austria for about an hour and a half. Be sure to stop at a gas station first before you cross the border cause you need a vignette. They smallest amount of days you can buy are ten. Costs about 9 Euro. 
If you want to get to Italy from the Austrian side you have to cross the alps or just drive through. They have an alpine pass which is called Brenner. This simply is a tunnel which connects the two countries. So after you are through you are a short drive away from Italy. 

The exit for our destination was Lago di Garda Sud. It is always this exit cause we are always staying on this side of the lake. Before exiting you have to pay toll for the distance you have gone by car. It is about 16 Euro.

When we are exiting there we drove about 550 km in about 5 hours. Depends on traffic and how many stops we make along the way.

The nearest place located to the highway is Affi (they also have a nice shopping center there – for rainy days). From there our hotel was about 10 minutes away but first we went to our favorite little restaurant – the barrel bar (the real name is Torre al Casello but we couldn´t remember first so we called it barrel bar since they function as tables there).

My dad and I found this hidden gem a few years ago and everyone who went thers has loved it ever since.  It really has such carribean flair and is totally affordable. Also the food is great and the staff is really quick.

After having a lunch – never said no to a panini – we headed to our hotel.

We choose a totally different hotel this time (not only because all the others were full) because I love Disney so much and this is the closest I can get when in Italy. The Gardaland Hotel Resort. This hotel belongs to the Gardaland theme park and looks like a little castle with a huge pool landscape. Staying there is in fact magic.
It is the perfect hotel for children since they are having themed rooms and a lot of child animation. The pool area is really pretty too with different areas.

After arriving and checking in we brought everything to our room, upacked and then went to the pool straigt away. After driving for such a long time swimming is really great to stretch and move your bones.

We did some exploring in and around the hotel, went to shower and then headed of to Lazise for dinner.

If you are going by car it is always the problem where to park. Well, parking in Lazise is pretty simple. The best parking spot is straight across the official entrance (a big stone arch in the wall with the name of the city above).
Where to eat in Lazise:

Restaurant Classique – Italian and grill restaurant
I love to eat there cause the view is amazing. Be sure to come early to snag a seat at the waterfront on the balcony. The staff is pretty stressed out all the time so they aren´t as nice as it would be required but they are quick.
The bar inside is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. You can get your espresso or aperitif there while waiting.
I had the grilled turkey with the vegetables and Florian ate pasta. Last year we had the carpaccio and the caprese and everything is so good.

Bar al Porto

We love to sit at this corner bar cause everyone is passing here and you are also sitting close to the water so this might be the best place in Lazise for people watching.
We enjoyed another Spritz here and most bars serve crips, olive, peanuts or little sandwiches with your drinks.
Café Battlo
I really love this place for snagging a scoop or two of ice cream before leaving the city but it is also really nice to sit and have some coffee or a drink. The white chairs and tables surrounded by the high planters are just adorable.

Where to shop:
There are so many stores which sell pretty much the same pieces (they also sell lots of these clothes on the weekly market so I would recommend going there).
 On Piazza Vittorio Emanuele are the two best shops to buy stuff. They have many pieces and good prices. I couldn´t remember the name but they have big white awnings in front of the store so you will find them. 

There is also and O-Bag store located in Lazise. Just in case you are interested.
I wanted to buy mine there but there where just five minutes left before they closed and that wouldn´t be enough time at all. 

The ceramic pieces are amazing. In fact I could buy one of each. They are handmade and each one is different but perfect in its own way. It is totally incredible and real art (see my cake palatter here and a salad bowl and matching salad servers here)  I always get a few pieces when we are at Lake Garda to expand my collection at home. And since I love cooking and having dinner parties these pieces are amazing. 
But I highly recommend buying them at the market. Got the same quality, maybe a little less pieces than in stores but the price different is huge. They charge almost double prices in stores.  

Day  II:
On the second day we went to Milan by train. You can read all about it here

 As always thank you so much for stopping by. If you have anymore questions about travelling to Lake Garda feel free to ask.
Take care. See you. 

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Our day in Milan, Italy – what to see…

up on the roof of the Duomo

the inside of the Duomo

Gallerie Vittoria Emanuele 

Inside of the train station of Milan


Hi guys and happy Wednesday, 

as you might know we are currently staying at Lake Garda in Italy. We have been here two years ago and I was here several times ago. Although Milan is about 200 km away we never vistied before and decided to go this time.

After several thoughts about how to get there and some advice of people who already visited we decided to go by train. I am not a real train fan but sometimes there is no way out.

So yesterday morning we got up early and headed to the train station in Peschiera del Garda which is about 5 minutes away. We parked the car and went to get our tickets. Be sure to bring some extra time (about 30 minutes) since the ticket machines aren´t always working and the lines are long. 

We caught our train at 08:57 am. The train ride took us about 1 1/2 hours and cost 21 Euro for two adults.

It passes some suburbs of Milan until it finally gets into the main train station. Be warned upfront cause Milan is huge. The population of the city itself is by over one million and including the suburbs they are counting about 8 million milanese´.

So we got into the main train station and believe me when I say it is overwhelming. There are so many incoming trains and so many people you get lost pretty quick. The central station of Milan looks more like a really old and beautiful building than a station – like the Central Station in New York. High sealings, beautiful old stones including lots of artisty carvings and figurines.

You can easily walk into the city centre where the Duomo, the Scala and the insane pretty Galeria Vittoria Emanuele is (takes about 30 minutes) but we took the metro and I am glad we did cause our day was exhausting enough with all the other stuff we did. The metro ticket is super inexpensive. 1, 50 Euro per person and ride.

The best station is called Duomo and that is also where you get out. In front of this absolutely huge and stunning building. We got our ticket voucher upfront through Tripadvisor so all we had to do is get our tickets and the audio guide and we could start to climp up the stairs to the “balcony of the Duomo”. There are over a hundred stairs so be sure you can actually make it to the top otherwise there is an extra entrance with a lift.

really is super high and the view over Milan is breathtaking. There
are so many different buildings combining old and new in the best
Italian flair.

wandering around on the rooftop we went down a different staircase
but still so so many steps but we totally go rewarded cause we came
out in one corner of the church. The inside of the Duomo itself is
really impressing. Sky high pillars and huge colorful windows. Each
one showing another line from the bibel. The floor is over and over
with the prettiest marble flooring in the most gorgeous color

Duomo of Milan really is a must-see. I think it is the number one
sight Milan has to offer among many others. A combo ticket is about
21 Euro and I think this is definitely worth it.

close to the right side of the Duomo is the entrance of Galleria
Vittorio Emanule II. I have never seen anything comparable. The architecture really is one of a kind. The shops are as luxurious and high class as possible and the restaurants are super chic. If you are planing on buying a high class souvenir which reminds you of your trip or you are just window shopping don´t miss this out. It really is awesome. 

We also planed on visiting the Scala – an old opera building but to be honest we where so exhausted. After a 6 Euro espresso with view to the Duomo and a delicious burger we went into the stores we wanted and then headed back to Peschiera. The train also was on delay so it took about twenty minutes longer and it was super hot. I might have lost two pounds on sweating in the train but we came back safe and sound to the hotel and ended our day with a Spritz Bianco (white wine with sparkling mineral water).

Overall Milan is worth a visit but it is a really really big and crowded city. Although it is full of history and if you also want to shop for designated Italian brands it is perfect. 

If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask maybe I can help you.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care and see you tomorrow.


#travelthursday – the best items to store your make-up products for travel….


Hi guys,
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
in pure joy for our next vacation next week – less than 5 days away –  I am sharing my top products to store my beauty products while traveling.

Since this is always a big issue for me cause I don´t want anything to be broken or spilled I have found some great products over the years which help a lot. 

I am by no means a travel expert but these are my tried and true favorites

sponge case Real Techniques
I discovered this by accident a few weeks ago and even I know it is not new invented I really think its pretty cool. If you are using another type of make-up sponge amazon offers a one size fits all in several colors. It is from Blenderelle and you can buy it here. Also really great idea.

brush case Jenny Patinkin 
This case is like a safe for your brushes. It is pretty hard and you can incorporate it into your luggage wherever you want. It won´t open or break during your travel. There is lots of space so you can easily store about 6 to 10 make-up bruhes. Depends on which ones you are taking. The only downside is that a big fan brush for highlighting won´t fit. It opens and closes easily with snaps. There are also other colors available but I had to stay true to myself and take the pink one.

vanity case River Island
This is by far my favorite vanity case I have ever gotten. I love the color pairing. Has such Japanese vibes. I love that it has two compartments and I love the price. I can put all of my make-up products and face products into it and also my jewelry and there is still space. This piece is a real miracle and I would buy this over and over again. Totally recommend it.
My design is sold out but it is currently available in a beautiful gold print and also in white.
I also got a silver vanity case. It is from a local drug store but I am sure they are available in every bigger drug store. I am using this little case for all of my “wet” products like shower gel, shampoo, body lotions and heat sprays. In case something is leaking it stays in the case and won´t spill over all my clothes. I wouldn´t recommend it for flying unless you are taking it as a carry-on piece. The outer shell isn´t thick enough for surviving the throwing around and the weight of other luggage pieces.

The little black LED mirror is my travel mirror I recently got. I love the lighting as it is really bright (LED) and you can see every flaw in your face. Hotel bathroom lighting differs from place to place and let me tell most of them is awful. Whether it is too glare, almost blue and you look sick from every angle or it is too orangy or too dark, probably is romantic but bad for putting on make-up. I love that is stands by itself so I have to free hands. 

Now I really gotta go and get some work done and also finish packing. View my other travel post here. It is all about the travel gadgets I love using.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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