Weekly Review #1

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Good Morning and welcome to a new series on my blog. I would love to start recapping our weeks on here. I haven´t had the time for lots of detailed posts in the last few weeks cause the hustle and bustle of Christmas and also life came in the way but I am hopefully back now and soon will get back to normal scheduled posting.

Other than than I am planing on sharing a weekly post on Sunday with you with all the things we did or didn´t and additional info to outfits, sales, activities and meals we made.

Weekly Review #1


The first week of January has been busier than I thought it would be but also a great way to hit off the new year and get started on those leftover to-do´s. 

We put flooring into the attic and the storage has easily tripled. Also I put away all things Christmas and now my room plants are back in the living room but it feels strangely empty after the month of coziness and twinkle lights. Gonna need some time to get used to it again.

We went to the swimming pool yesterday and the girls had so much fun. They just love the water and like to splash around. We went in the afternoon so we had dinner at the swimming pool. It was delicious to be honest – way better than we would have imagined. 

So today we finally had our last Christmas related get together at my great-aunts. We all had been sick on different weeks that it really took us this long to meet up. We went there for coffee and the girls unpacked their last Christmas gifts. 



We had leftovers on New Year´s Day and the day after from our NYE dinner and were not mad about it. 

I have mad meat stew and dumpling and we also ate this for two days. In Germany there are two types of dumplings. Ones are made out of potatoes and the other type is made of bread and I favor these a lot more. Have always loved and enjoyed those. They are also fairly easy to make and taste great with a hearty sauce and meat.

The green beans and sausage dish was my dinner yesterday. I have eaten so many carbs and so much sugar during the holidays so I am back to low carbs and no sugar. Hopefully this will help to loose the few pounds I put back on.

Monday – Leftovers from NYE dinner

Tuesday – Leftovers from NYE dinner

Wednesday – Girl Dinner 

Thursday – Beef stew and dumplings

Friday – Beef stew and dumplings

Saturday – French Fries and Burger at the Swimming Pool 

Sunday – Green Beans and Sausage 



Loved this tweed set so much. It is from NKD and so affordable plus the jacket is just gorgeous. It definitely looks more high-end than 45 for both items. 

Also how in the world was it snowing again yesterday. Not the most snow compatible look but it didn´t snow when we left. This was two hours later. Still rocking the metallic trend. I have been loving my silver bag and got a ton of wear out of it already, although I am not the biggest gray and silver fan.

Aren´t these the cutest socks ever with the little bear. Remind me a lot of Ralph Lauren. They come in a pack of four and are under 10 Euro. 


Quote of the week

Be the woman you needed as a girl