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full disclosure upfront for today´s beauty post. I am in no way a pro when it comes to brows nor am I always happy with the outcome. In my opinion my brows look a little different everyday and I have struggled with my brows as long as I can think. When I was a teenager they where way too thick and in the beginning of my twenties I had super thin brows. Now I would say they look ok.

One tool I have found which has helped me a ton with the shape and filling with my brows is an angled liner. I got both versions (the cheap and the expensive) because the tip looks exactly the same and the color on the liner as well. So I got curious and wanted to do a comparison plus it is also a save versus splurge.

Anastasia Beverly Hills versus Manhattan

Manhattan Brow´tastic – The Brow´tastic from Manhattan costs 7 Euro and is available in three colors. My shade is number 001 blonde (it is a cool ash blonde tone). The angled tip makes it super easy to apply. With the thin side contours can easily be drawn and the thicker side is great to fill in. I like the color a lot. It fills in my brows where I need it but isn´t too dark. The price point is great as well but in my opinion there is a downside as well. The tip is very soft which means when it you twist it a little too much it will break while applying. This means the pen ends soon and might not be worth its money. Other than that I think it is a great prodcut and I am probably on my tenth already.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer – The Brow Definer from Anastasia Beverly Hills costs about 27 Euro and is available in 12 colors. The color is am using is blonde (it definitely is a light blonde shade but still fills in my brows) and it is the exact same color on the stick than the Manhattan one, looks a little different on your brow after applying. I am taking a darker shade next time to have some comparison. You might not think that it is worth it cause it is definitely a lot of money for a brow pencil but hear me out first. The brand is known for its marvellous brow products and on the market for a long time. So these guys definitely know what they do and their products work. So now for the liner – the tip is a little hard so you definitely have to get used to using it or it will scratch you and the color is not transferring onto the brow as well as the Manhattan pen but this also means you will use less product and it holds up longer. 

In conclusion I can not say which one is better. To be honest I thought about it, a lot. If you don´t mind spending the extra bucks on the Anastasia Beverly Hills I would say try both and decide for yourself. You can not loose either way.

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