#WearWhatWhere …..

HI guys
todays post is about such a nice Instagram fashion game I have found recently. It is called #wearwhatwear and the month wich currently is.
There is a chart wich gives a Fashion recommendation for every day and you should be creative and style it in the way you like. Then upload it and post it under the hashtag. For February
Take a look at their sites… 🙂
There is a new one for every month. And you can also be a winner if you connect with the mentioned people. I think it is such a nice idea because you have to be creative and make yourself some thoughts about the outifts and it is very interesting to see how others transpose the keywords.
You might take a look at it if you have an Instagram account – it is absolutely worth it to see how other people interpret the same thing…
Take care. See you. Love K.

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