2015 Beauty Favorites

Hi guys,
today I am doing a little beauty retrospect on my favorites of 2015.
I am always using one from Manhattan. Tried a few different brands but always finding my way back to this one.

Fake lashes:
Those are the one and only ones and I would never change them again. They are from Red Cherry – my favorite lash brand. I order them at the kosmetik4less website. I am hoping they continue producing them until I am 80. I only change with the length.
They are from XS to L available. I use the XS and S ones. They are super naturally and super soft to wear. You can´t even feel them while wearing.

Lately I found a great foundation from Vichy. It is called Dermablend and it is a correcting foundation. It is absolutely awesome. It is covering up immediately, stays throughout the whole day and is so light to wear. And the best is it so concentrated that you only need a drop per day.
The perfect Lip balm for me in 2015 had been and still is Bee natural. They have 3 flavor. Mango, Pomegranate and Key Lime. Haven´t tried the last one but they are absolutely great. They make super soft hydrated lips for hours and the taste is also really nice.

I always use the same type of perfumes – fresh and flowery – when they are too heavy or too sweat I get a terrible headache. So this year my most used perfurme had been flower by Kenzo. I totally love the smell, I could bath in it.

Shower Gel:
Found the perfect shower gel – with matching body lotion . It is from Yves Rocher – the secret d´essences. It is called Neroli. 
It is a kind of flowery scent.

Body Lotion:

Shampoo and Conditioner:
Haven´t found one which is quite awesome – I tried some of the newer ones from Herbal Essence. The smell is great and they are really affordable but there must be better ones out there. Hopefully.

If you would like recommendations about other beauty products – feel free to ask.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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