Vichy Dermablend – The best one I could possibly find….

Hi guys

today I am posting about the best foundation I found for me. It is such a great product and obviously I am a little sad that I haven´t recognized it before.

I had been looking for a good foundation for about ages. Always used one but never was really satisfied. But times have changed for me. I purchased this one about three months ago and I could´t be happier.

The foundation is from Vichy – it is a teint correcting one – which means – it corrects the dark spots under your eyes or if you have some really bad skin problems like acne or just a few pimples it helps a lot. It creates a nice and fresh looking soft teint. I am totally convinced.

It is really concentrated, you only need a small drop of it per day which makes the tube really longlasting.

They have 5 five different colors. Depends on what is your skin tone. 

Which one is your favorite foundation ? 
Take care. See you. Love K.

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