Avon Cosmetics —— Trying some new stuff

Hi Guys

today I´am back on the blog after quite a while and I must admit I really missed it. Posting pictures of new stuff and review´s on them. I haven´t got so much time lately caused by some sort of private problems. But now I am focusing on what I really like to do.

It is a premier today. My first blogpost on english. I decided this a while ago because I wan´t to reach all of you who are interested in reading my blog and german is not really a language which everyone knows. 

So today I´am showing you some new stuff I have recently tried. A lot of Avon. This is the newest brand I caught up on. I must say all the products I have used until now were really good and with some of them I am really obsessed. For example on of the avon naturals body spriz, a body mist. The flavour of it is passionfruit and peonie´s . And I can not get enough of it. The smell is so flowery and fresh. It is total summer. I got this a few months ago so maybe that is the reason why I love it, because it was still winter and I wanted the weather so badly to get better. 

What I tried today was one of the Gel finish nail polishes in a bright and shiny pink. (Color 809)  It dried quickly. I applied it two times. Still dried quickly. Very shiny finish. I don´t know how long it stays until it chips..  So we´ll find out later.

I also purchased two lipsticks. A pink one and the other one is very purply. I was searching quite a while for a color like this and I really like it. It applies very easy and stays a long time. It is also hydrating for your lips so they won´t get dry throughout the day or night.

The next one I have is a highlighter. Or are highlighter pearls. I´ve always been into this kind of highlighters. They look very nice, those cute little pearls rolling arround. And they smell so powdery and parfumed. In my opinion only the highlighter pearls are this special. 🙂 

The last thing that I have is the eyebrow kit. It has two pots. One with clear wax to form your brows. And the other pot contains your eyebrow color. There are different shades to choose. A lighter and a darker one.

So that´s all for todays Avon Theme. I have some new stuff in line. So it won´t take long for the next review. Take care and have a good time. See you 🙂

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