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Ardell brow sculpting gel /  L´oréal 2in1 base and top coat / Garnier micell facial toner / Garnier eye make-up remover / Artdeco fixing powder / Shiseido eyebrow palette color BR603 / Ardeco nail polish 835 ivy green – 673 red volcano / 4LOU vanity bag / Naissance castor oil / EOS peppermint lip balm / real techniques blush brush / Rituals candle

Hi guys, 
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another month is over and Christmas is almost here now so besides all the other things I am preparing for the most wonderful time of the year I am still testing out the new products I got for you. 
Ardell brow sculpting gel
I got this since I was reading so much about brows lately and I hate that mine are looking in every direction when I get home. Yes they might be too long but they should stay where they are. I am not lying to you first I did not know if I would like it cause it has such a jelly consistency and I am not quite sure if it does the trick for me. I really have strange brows. But I am definitely gonna incorporate this into my daily beauty routine. It does hold for a few hours but not the whole day. Although the price is more than okay and the smell is awesome.  
4Lou Too Glam to give a Damn vanity case
I saw it and I had to have it. Isn´t it the coolest?! There are different texts available. Also love this one. The pouch is made of a thick linen material and since it isn´t the biggest it is perfect for your handbag. To carry your make-up or too carry your medicines and other stuff you take with you. It is about 20€ and I would buy it definitely again.
I first saw this on Olivia Jeanette´s insta stories and I was curious. I got this two weeks ago and I have been using it for about ten days now but it is just to early to say if there are any results. If not it is okay cause it is only about 3€. Stay tuned.

 Artdeco nailpolish in – 673 red volcano
835 ivy green
For upcoming Christmas there should be two colors outstanding among the others in your closet. Red and green – my all time Christmas favorites. I love the ardeco nailpolishes cause they are high pigmented, last a long time and have a reasonable pricing.

EOS peppermint lip balm – limited edition for Christmas 
I am absoluetly obsessed with this. This is the perfect balm for Christmas time. If you could only know how much I love candy canes in my hot chocolate you would totally understand. You definitely need this if you won´t miss the Christmas smell wherever you go.

I know I have had brow pencils from different brands the last two month and I thought I would prefer them over a powder but I wasn´t really satisfied – although I liked them and will definitely keep them and use them until they are used up. But the brow palette is perfect I love it. I got the color medium and it fits perfectly for my dark blonde eyebrows. I am only using the light shade. The brush isn´t really good so I am using my own. The powder is high pigmented so you won´t need a ton of the product and I think it is totally worth the 23 €.
 This style is a limited edition, I think it might only be available through the holidays. First I wanted all of them but I slowed myself down and thought about which one I could possibly need and I went for the blush brush. It is the best I own now. I has the right amount of solidity and it takes the right amount of product to get some nice color onto your cheeks. And the glitter guys reflects so beautiful in the light!!!!
This smells amazing. So so good. 
I first thought this could work as a sample size cause it really is small but after playing around with it I found out you really need a teeny tiny bit of the powder if you don´t want to use it for Halloween cause since it is translucent it covers and it is buildable.

 L´oréal 2in1 base and top coat
I have only used this as a top coat so far. I don´t like the thought on using this as a base coat since I have a trusted one from essie. But it works really great as a top coat. Dries quick and doesn´t get scratches or chips so easily. For 8 € it also has a great price point and since I have a lot of the L´oréal nail polishes I like using the matching products.

Garnier eye make-up remover
Just another addition. I am really satisfied how it takes of my eye make-up and for the price of 4 € there isn´t a  thing to complain.

Garnier micell facial toner 
Throughout the years I have been using so many facial toner I don´t know if they would be even countable. I had some which smelled awful, I had expensive and cheap ones. I tried trendy ones and some which where on the market forever. I had so many toners which left a gross and sticky feel on my skin but then came Garnier. It is the first one I don´t have to clean my face afterwards cause it is light and has no smell.

Rituals candle
They make some of the best candles on the market. I love Yankee Candles but they are a little better. A little more expensive too but you can have the smell of your favorite shower gel also in your living room now. Perfec addition for a cozy weekend indoors. 

Do you have any favorites ? 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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