Baby No. 3…



Well what other can I say than horray – the secret is out!!! We are having another baby in the Fall. I still can´t believe it. It has been a little surprise but a great one at the right time. We had to reschedule some vacation plans but other than that I am over the moon happy I get to do it all over but also a little sad cause this will be the last time I am doing it. We´ll see how I feel about that… The girls all will be about 2 years and 3 months apart which is the perfect gap in my opinion. Still little enough to share the same interests at some point but one is also big enough to be much more self sufficient. 

Our gender reveal is up on Instagram but I can also tell you that our baby will be a GIRL – another one. It is so cool to have three little girls. Hopefully they grow to be the most loving sister to one another. I already have a concept for her room. We have one room left and I have painted it in the most gorgeous shade of blue years ago. I am leaving the paint color cause I really love it and am going to create a light and airy ocean themed nursery. Can´t wait to start decorating and putting away little newborn clothes.

My morning sickness (which lasted the whole day) and the exhaustion has lifted a few days ago and I can also start feeling baby move the moment I am writting this for your. 

All in all I am very hapy how everything is now and am looking forward to be a family of five but we will need another car that fits three child seats in the back and I am also very pregnant over the hottest months of the year. We will see how this goes.

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