Back to School – Kindergarten Edition…


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The first week of Kindergarten is over and it was a huge success. She loved it everyday and didn´t want to go home. I am so so happy for her. There are so many other children to play with and she has already found two friends. It is just the cutest thing to watch her go into her group in the mornings and be immediately happy.

I have gotten some things for her upfront but wanted to at least have everything tested once.

Amazon Kindergarten Favorites

Backpack and more

I have been a huge Reisenthel lover for years now and I was so happy when the time came around I could get their monogrammed diaper bags for my girls and now of course I was even more excited to get a Kindergarten backpack set for Emilia. 

We got the pink ABC set cause of course it had to be pink and the unicorn was just the cherry on top !!!!



I got these for Emilia for her gymnastics class and she was super smitten. Of course. I mean they are pink with glitter so what´s not to love here.



Snack Box and More

I am a huge fan of girl dinner so of course I had to get some Bento boxes for Kindergarten snack time. A few things of everything is better than a lot of one am I right. At least food wise.

The boxes have 5 different sized compartments. I am still exploring what works for her and what not but I have had lots of hit and only a few misses. It might seem like a big box but it fits perfectly into her backpack and it is also easy to open for her.

To make snack time a little more exciting I got some fun gadgets like these animal sticks. I used these for sticky things like cut up fruits. Another very practical thing I love are the silicone muffin tins. I put the cut up fruit in there or today I put some nuts into it. 

A huge hit are the heart and star shaped cutter. I use them for her bread or toast and she has eaten it up every single time although she is not a hute bread fan.

The little round tins with the silicone lids are perfect for joghurt or peanut butter. They are absolutely leak-proof.

This great wave cutter is a super simple tool but it helps so much making all the vegetables more interesting for your child.


Fall Activities for Toddler…


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Fall just is the best of all season and I might have Emilia influenced as much that she thinks so too cause everytime we pass lots of fallen leaves she says “Horray, it is Fall here”. 

The weather is still perfect here and was through all of October that we were able to do so many things outside. I wanted to recap some things which would work as a great list as well for you guys to give you some ideas on what to do with your toddler.

Fall Activities for your Toddler

Pumpkin Painting


Collecting Chestnut and making little figures


Flying Kites


Visit a wildlife park and feed the animals


Go on a toddler friendly hike


Make a pile of leaves and jump into it


Visit an auqarium


Nursery Decor – Etsy Favorites – Baby….


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Our girl´s room was such a heartfelt project. I loved every second I spent planning, working and decorating in there always thinking how my two girls will grow up together in their beautiful shared room.

All of the decor pieces I put into the shelf are picked with a meaning behind. Most of them are from etsy. My number one online place for personalized and special pieces you won´t get at any other place.

Sentimental / Memorable Pieces

I am sentimental in every way. I look at certain pieces and pictures or clothes from my kids and get tears in my eyes immediately by remembering the special moments. They grow up so fast and I try to keep as much as possible cause time is truly a thief. I have kept almost all of the girls important and meaningful pieces from their birth like their hospital bands and first name tags. 

Both of my girls have one of the shelves reserved for their things like personalized pieces and special gifts. Also pictures of them from their first weeks of life. I just can´t believe how little they once were.


Decorative Pieces to play with

These are the ones I incorporated throughout the whole shelf which are meant to play with but also have a decorative character like the wooden rainbow, the tea set or the Claris books. The tea set is Emilia´s favorite piece in her room. She loves to play picnic with her stuffed animals and her dad and this one comes in handy. It is ceramic but I told her to handle it carefully and so far she does. The Claris books are the cutest in my opinion, they work great as background for the shelves. The look-and-find books are the best to learn new words and things from the chic and fashionable world Claris lives in.



Hidden or decorative storage is a huge space saver cause it serves as two pieces in one. Baskets work always in your favor. First of all you can´t spot what it´s in there and second of all you can choose styles plus it won´t look less cluttered with baskets in a shelf. If your children are still little it is much easier for them to tidy up by themselves.

Etsy Finds: wooden train / roses in frame / name tag Helena / name tag Emilia / round wooden sign 


Mother´s Day Gift Guide…


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Mother´s Day is right around the corner ( exactly 6 days away) so I wanted to share a little gift guide with y´all including lot´s of pieces I would be happy to receive (or already have) plus they will arrive before Sunday so that is another yay here.

Although I think there shouldn´t just be one day where mom´s are appreciated cause we really do it all but it is nice to have a full day.

Weekender Bag // Just got this in and I love it. It is super spacious and would also make a great diaper bag is you have more children and lots of stuff to carry. It is customizable so you can also get your name or initials.

Embroidered Denim Jacket // How adorable is this embroidered and embellished denim jacket. It is pricey but I mean a denim jacket is a timeless staple and once a mom always a mom so this would work for years to come.

Mama Tumbler // This is acutally a sticker download you can stick to any kind of tumbler you would like. A great idea for a last minute gift.

Mama Sweater // I have several mom sweaters and they are great for a casual style or a at home look. Why not show that you are a mom. 

Customizable Robe // Available in lots of color and customizable on the back. You can have the name of your mom or just mom on the back. 

Rituals Set // The Sakura is my favorite of all the Rituals scents. It is subtle but oh so good and stays on for a long time. Also the sets always come in the most adorable gift boxes.

Mom Mug // A super cute mug for the everyday coffee or tea drinker.

Mom Life T-Shirt // I got this the year I became a mom and I still love it. Available in a several colors but the pink was my favorite.

Mama Necklace // I got this the time around I was pregnant with Emilia and still wear it till today. It is small and dainty and will fit in great with your everyday jewelry.

Photo Memory Box // We have thousands of photos on our phones but never print any but this would make the perfect opportunity to print out all the pretty and memorable picutres from years ago and it is also a pretty gift box to collect further pictures.

Most of the pieces are still available until Saturday. 


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