Brows – the frame of your face

Hi Guys

today a post about a theme I always had some trouble with – my eyebrows. Didn´t care so much about the earlier days – and the earlier days means about seven or eight years ago. But when I met my current BFF she told me that I have even more eyebrows than a wolf. Too much hairs and no shape at all.  And what can I say ? Nothing, cause she was right, totally. So from that point on she took care of my brows and slowly taught me how do it by my own. Wasn´t easy for me. Some time they where too short and the other time they were short but hadn´t got any shape. Was a hard time for me and even harder for her. 

Now it works for me and that is important because eyebrows – and yes it is true – frame your face. You can´t look weird when your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and trimmed.

Plucking your eyebrows can be deceitful. It always depends on how the light comes into the room. Most of the time I forgot some hairs. But not to bad.

Here are some products I currently use.

A brow-kit from essence I just discovered last week.

It is separated in hair colors. For blondes, for brunettes and a middle shades for  everyone. There is also a lighter shade for under your brow to highlight and make the eye look brighter and more opened.

It contains also a little tweezer and an applicator for the brow powder (but that one is like in every kit crap, way to hard)

Also the eyebrow gel from essence, a clear substance for your eyebrows and lashes to keep your brows were they shall stay (also during a storm)

Maybelline Eyebrow Pen is also available for certain types of hair colors. For dark blondes, middle and dark brunettes.
On one side the color as a pencil and on the other a brush to comb the brows first.

I have already mentioned this product in the Avon blog post about my first Avon order.I Like the wax and powder very much and that has been the one I was using most of the time.

Keep on reading for more information on beauty products. Latest Avon purchase is arriving soon.

Take care. See you.

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