Outfits of the day

Hi Guys

hope you are also looking forward to the weekend like me. Here are some of my outfit choices from last week.

I had worn this to a BBQ at a friends of mine. A casual top and a fluffy short. The shoes are Ipanema. They are like real sandals but way softer. I like them a lot. I like the contrast blue and white for summer. This seems so nautical and absolutely right for summer months. The bag is mango. Still can´t get enough of the trapez shape 🙂

Shirt old
Short H&M
Bag Mango
Shoes Ipanema

Saturday outfit for running some errands. Very comfy. Like those stretchy pants a lot. Had much stuff to do for my familiy and my blog. And on saturdays is also doggy play time for my baby.  The sandals are pink and I am totally obsessed. They have glittery rhinestones in a flower shape upfront. So girly.

Top old
Pants New Yorker
Sandals BPC by Bonprix
Shopper Armani Jeans

I wasn´t quite sure If I should post this outfit but I decided to do it and when I am looking at it afterwards I do like it.
The pattern is paisley and very colorful so I went on with a pant in one lighter color  that was matching with one of the colors in the shirt. Wore a black shopper and and black sandals to keep it simple.

Shirt New Yorker
Pants H&M
Shopper Armani Jeans 
Sandals Schuhtempel24

That´s been all about my current outfits. More is coming soon. Keep looking forward.

Take care. See you.

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