Amazon Spring and Summer Dresses – Bump Friendly…


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I just love a great amazon find. There are so many hidden and affordable gems on amazon that it is hard to narrow them down from time to time but I think regarding this category I have done a great job (pats herself on shoulder 😉 ).

Getting dressed everyday can be a real challenge and even more so when you are pregnant and really showing (probably most women around half-time) and not feeling like yourself.

I have found four cute amazon Summer dresses (available in many more colors) that I would love to share with you guys cause they work great with a baby bump as without one.


Amazon Spring and Summer Dresses

Black Mini Dress


Palm Tree Dress


Bow Strap Maxi Dress


Embroidered Boho Dress


Pack the Viral Amazon Make-Up Bag with me…


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After seeing it everywhere I finally caved and got the viral amazon make-up bag. I am a sucker for make-up bags and am always on the hunt for the perfect one which means I have gathered a lot throughout the years but this one is pretty perfect. 

I took it to Lake Constance and the Europa Park with me and I didn´t bother unpacking it cause it holds everyhting and is just perfect. I decided to just keep my stuff in there cause it is now the place I can find everything I need on a daily basis and it also helps me get ready faster.

The viral amazon make-up bag is available in tons of colors and often on sale. 

Also since I am already sharing some of my make-up products in the pics I wanted to link the current items I have been using for you. A huge part of these are tried and true favorites I am buying over and over again plus a few new additions I have tried recently and liked so I am keeping them in there. 


Make-Up Products:


Make-Up Tools:


Recent Amazon Handbag Finds + How I styled them…


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I am a handbag lover. I can´t help it I just love handbags. I have probably inherited this from my great-aunt – she had a huge heart for all kinds of handbags and when we met we always inspected each others current bag.

Browsing for the cutest and lately what it seems the biggest handbags (two kids need a ton of stuff when we are out and about) I have found a great amount of pretty handbags on amazon. Surprise!!

The last three I got are super different but I really like them equally. I get the most use out of the bucket bag and I did not think it would end up like this.

Amazon Handbag Finds


shopper bag



shoulder bag



bucket bag

Handbags I have my eyes on / are in my cart


Delicious White Chocolate Waffle Sticks for Valentine´s Day…


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How about waking up Valentine´s Day morning to a pile of delicious white chocolate waffles to dig through – or any other morning. Yes, it would be amazing. This is an awesome easy sweet treat to make for yourself or gift to others. 

The chocolate and sprinkles is just the icing on the cake. Literally !!! This is the recipe I have used. It is from Martha Stewart and I love it every damn time.

While the waffles are getting crisp and delicious in the waffle maker I like to melt the white chocolate on the stove. This has to be a slow process so you might wanna set that up at the beginning. I have choosen red sprinkles for Valentine´s Day but you could use whatever you like.