What I wear in #reallife #16…

handbag Coach / sneakers H&M


espadrilles Asos Design / Shirt H&M


espadrilles Asos Design / pants and shirt H&M


hat H&M / jacket Zara / skirt H&M


sweater H&M / skirt New Look / sneakers H&M


denim jacket Only / dress esmara / belt H&M / heels Marco Tozzi


blazer jacket Monki / dress New Look / heels River Island / headband H&M


Happy Wednesday ladies,

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I definitely wanted to get this post up yesterday but Emilia did not want to sleep at her usual bedtime and I was to tired to write anything that would have made sense past my bedtime so here we are today.

Since I haven´t posted much of my daily looks lately I managed to get back in the swing of things and I can share these weekly styling with you guys. I always enjoy looking at people´s everyday styles so I hope you do too.

This is the first everyday styles round-up with all red hair. I am so happy that I changed my hair color. The red I choose is a little more on the cooper side (at least that is what it should be in the end, I have to go about 2 times more to get some color cause it takes a little until it stays in the hair) and I love finding styles and pieces especially colors that go great with it.

As always if you have any question feel free to ask and I am going to link as much as possible. See ya.


Huge Round-Up – What I wear in #reallife #15…

headband amazon 


baker boy hat H&M / skirt Zara


bodycon dress amazon 


denim blouson C&A


shirt SheIn


blazer jacket Monki


hair clip amazon / earrings amazon / shirt H&M


mom jeans H&M



blazer jacket SheIn / white blouse H&M


Hello to all of my fashion loving ladies,

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it has been a hot minute since I have shared a #reallife style post with you guys. I just feel there aren´t enough opportunities to dress up lately since we are still in lockdown and don´t know when it will end. This is also why I declared April to another #closetchallenge month because I won´t need anything new or trendy when I am not going anywhere. 

But I have collected some outfits over the last few weeks which I am sharing today. Also I am not sure what to wear at the moment (right now it is snowing outside) cause our seasons are so mixed up plus I am in athletic wear most of the day.



Instagram Round-Up March…

espadrilles Asos Design / white pants Manguun Collection 


dress New Look / flats Raid / Emilia´s Minnie Mouse outfit amazon


cardigan Asos / headband H&M / earrings amazon


denim Vero Moda / trenchcoat bonprix / hoodie Pull & Bear


leopard print blouse H&M / sneakers H&M / cardigan H&M / handbag Mango


tie-dye sweater Clockhouse / earrings H&M / headband H&M


sweat suit adidas baby / beanies natalie.zauberhaft


Happy April Fools,

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a new month has rolled around and other than the weather there hasn´t been much change in our situation. I have to be honest being cautious all the time is really exhausting and it has gotten so annoying. The rate of infected people is still growing rapidly and honestly I don´t have an end in sight soon.

Other than that I am looking forward to Easter celebrations (my light at the end of the tunnel) on the weekend. Focusing on holidays and prepping everything is what keeps me going these days and out of my sweat pants. Also the Spring weather has given me such a creative boost and I have many new ideas for blog posts for you guys.

I haven´t had that many Instagram posts besides sharing my blog posts cause we really didn´t do much but the ones I have are definitely cute plus a new hair has moved in and I can´t wait to style many more looks with red hair.


Instagram Round-Up February…


Happy Wednesday ladies,


it is finally March and as great it is that we are heading towards Spring it definitely is bittersweet because my little girl is turning one in 3 1/2 weeks. I can´t believe it and what´s even more impossible is that we had been in lockdown the year she was born and will still be when she turns one.

Anyways Feburary hasn´t been my best month in terms of taking tons of pictures. It has been better than the last couple of years but I still was in my flunk but with Spring approaching I am outfit planning like a crazy person and can´t wait to share everything with you. I am even planning on adding another style segment to the blog and Instagram but more on that later. 

See you tomorrow with a new update on Emilia. I have been very unconsistant with taking monthly pictures of her but it get´s trickier every month since she is on the move and doesn´t have time to sit still.