Coconut Oil – Almost for everything

Hi Guys

today just a quick and simple post about something really great and for me indispensable.

Coconut Oil

In my opinion it is the most versatile product I have ever seen. You can use it for cooking and backing but that is not the reason why I am using it. First of all I use it for the body as a body oil. It makes the skin so soft and the smell is incredible. It also lasts a long time. And you can use it for your hair after washing it or after blow drying too. Works good for it,  but be careful with the amount you take. It only needs a little or your hair doesn´t look fresh anymore.

At the moment it is a real hype about this coconut oil. It has been sold out for sooooo long. I almost went to every drugstore in my town and finally I found a store which had it. Bought a lot of them because I think it is going to be sold out again very soon.

So that has officially been my pick of the month.

Take care. See you.

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