Shabby chic – Getting some decoration for my living room

Hi Guys
I started decorating my living room – after I have been thinking a long time about what style I want to take – and now  I  am totally into this shabby chic thing. New furniture which looks like it´s really old. Maybe you can call it vintage look too. Haven´t been so obsessed with any kind of furnishing I have ever had.

The table is big in comparison to my older one but I like it a lot. I also got a matching carpet for underneath but that shouldn´t be the focus of the picture. The surface has a light structure.

The two candlesticks and the bowl are from IKEA. Love it when it comes to decoration stuff. 
The next interieur stuff is standing on top of my TV wall. It isn´t so high so I had enough space to place some great items.

I found the clock at an online shop. Saw it and loved it. Purchasd it immidiately. It has an iron frame in black and the clock itself is painted in a dirty white color. The pained fonts and numbers are partly faded.

Those other candlesticks from the pic are also from IKEA, but they are made of glass. They have different structures from bottom to top. I think they look great especially with different colored candles in them. The boxes on the right are empty, they are only for decoration. That is a nice and cheap way to get a some highlights in your living room. You can buy them in almost every gift store.

The wreath is made of wood and colored with a matte white glaze. The wood fits great into the shabby theme. I am still searching for a nice wooden tray.

The plastic ivy was a must have for me. I don´t know why but flowers and plants don´t grow at my place. They don´t survive a long time, so I gave up und started to buy fake plants. The picture frame and the flowerpot are also IKEA. (my parents on the picture)

More candles – seems like I like candles 😉 – 

Keep looking forward for more decoration news in my living room, cause I just started 

Take care. See you.

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