Dune and LYDC London – Hand bags to die for……

Hi guys
today I am introducing you to a brand I discovered lately- Dune London.
It´s – of course – an English brand based in London. They sell accessories like all kind of bags and shoes for men and woman.
I ordered a  hand-bag and I must say it is absolutely stunning. The quality is really good. And the details and the hardware are fantastic.
It is a vibrant turquoise one. It has two several pockets with lots of space for your stuff. The handles are short but the bag also has a longer and adjustable one.
I was searching for a color like this quite a while. It is a perfect summer color and it even matches with a lot of stuff I am wearing in the cold and foggy winter months.


The second brand I tried is LYDC London, also an English brand which´s home is in London.
This hand-bag is very classic and elegant with a touch of sweetness. It has a nude color and a bow upfront in an even lighter color. 


Which brands do you prefer or found lately ?
Take care. See you. Love K.

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