Our trip to Prague – where we stayed, what we ate….

Hi guys

this years pre-Christmas time is a little different for us. Since I have planed and organized everything upfront (decoration, presents, menu, tree) we planed on taking a weekend off and headed to beautiful Prague in Czech Republik.

It is an adorable old city. Like a mixture of Regensburg – where we live – and Venice in Italy. They have old brick buildings, big churches and lots of little bridges.

During this time of the year the city is decorated so beautiful with lots of lights and garlands. They also have about six or seven Christmas markets.

You can do lots of sightseeing. Visit the landmarks of Prague. You can spend an evening at the theatre or visit the opera. Or you could go shopping since they have an old and a new town centre there are lots of shops and possibilities.

 View from the castle

But afterall you should really go to a restaurant and eat one of those delicious meals of their Czech cuisine. The stew called Gulasch is so so good. You won´t miss this experience and of course not how it tastes. 

Where we ate:
The first evening we went to a restaurant with Czech cuisine. It was just a few metres from our hotel away and the Food was just amazing.

Where we stayed:
We stayed at the Hotel Elysee Prague. A really sweet hotel in the middle of the Wenzelplace. I found this one through the internet cause it has lots of good recommendations and is right in the new town. We had a suite for the three days but it was way to big for only staying in there for sleeping but really pretty and clean.

The Breakfast Room:

 Our Room:
Upsides and Downsides:
It is a really pretty city and perfect for a Weekend trip but it is full on Saturdays and by full I mean really full. Lots of people arround for Shopping and sightseeiing and enjoying some coffee on their Weekend.
You have to change your money into their currency. They have czech krowns and not everything is less expensive. Some brands cost even more.
If you want to explore every spot and shop and restaurant three days aren´t enough.
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you. Love K.     

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