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Hi guys

since the European Championship it didn´t get restful at all – which I hoped for but there are many festivities in and around our city. The last weekend we had been to the Jazz – Festival. I never liked Jazz music that much or even thought about listening to it and I probably won´t become a huge fan but listening to it for a couple hours or a night out is really nice and in every way some abwechslung..

There also was a festival called the spectaculum. Is is kind of medieval market with knights and lots of different showman. They duplicated a market from the earlier times where you can find food and craft. They had little wood swords for children and arrows and headbands with flowers and beads for girls (my honey also got a pink one for me 🙂 ). They also offered lots of great ciders with pear and berry flavors and a delicious beer with ginger flavor. At night they had live music with a band that played rock music mixed with bag pipe sounds and violins.
We also went out for some Indian food on our usual Wednesday Date Night and I gotta admit it has been the first time.
 It was mindblowing delicious – I missed a lot by not trying it throughout the years. 
I ate a dish called Beef Vindaloo. It has been with beef (super soft) and potatoes and rice.

Okay that for this but know I show you some of my outfits I had worn last week….

Shirt – Tally Weijl
Jacket – Gina Tricot
Pants – Levis
Shoes – Buffallo Boots
Bag – Tommy Hilfiger

Dress- H&M
Shoes – Very old
Bag – Tommy Hilfiger

Blouse – H&M
Skirt – Gina Tricot
Belt – New Yorker
Shoes – old 

Top – H&M Basic
Skirt – s.Oliver
Shoes – Graceland
Bag – Mango

 T-Shirt – Fishbone (New Yorker)
Skirt – H&M
Belt – H&M
Sandals – Buffallo Boots
Bag – Tommy Hilfiger
Dress – 
Jeans Jacket – Only
Shoes – Schuhtempel 24

Blouse – H&M
Boyfriend shorts – H&M
Belt – H&M
Shoes – Ariane 
Bag – Guess    

#TGIF and a happy weekend to all of you.

Take care. See you. Love K.  

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