Food Friday – homemade delicious strawberry jam…

jam jars here (got mine from the drug store) / wooden board H&M / dish towel from discounter similar here and here / white wooden tray old similar here and here / gold knife old similar here


Hi guys,

since strawberry season is still going strong (hopefully we will be blesses with this delicities as long as possible) I am sharing my jam recipe over here. This really is the simplest recipe I have ever made. 

The only thing you need is jam sugar and strawberries and maybe a squeeze of lemon if your strawberries are pretty sweet.

– 1,5 kilo strawberries
– 1 package of 3:1 jam sugar (should be 500 gr.)
– 1 lemon

– wash the strawberries and cut of the stems. 
– puree the strawberries (depends on how smooth you want the puree to be)

– put the whole package of sugar and the strawberry puree into a pot and heat it up
– put the timer on 4 minutes by the time it starts to cook and let it cook for the whole time
– be sure to stir from time to time and to take a non-sticking pot
– be sure to wash the jars with hot water before filling in the simmering mass so the jars won´t explode
– fill your jam mixture into the jars, close them and turn them upside down until the mixutre is set
(you can also read the instructions on the package)
I put a ribbon around it and a tag onto it and gifted a few to family members but you can also eat them all by yourself.

Have you already tried my strawberry mini cakes? They are super simple and declicious. Get the recipe here.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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