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Hi guys and happy friday,

there is much going on these days – I am hosting a BBQ today. We are almost everyday out and watching the soccer games. There are a lot of themes I would like to post about and I am taking pics and collecting content every time I have some time left. So there will be interesting posts coming up soon….

Meanwhile I got this Instagram Round Up for you ………

Bag – L. Credi
Hat – Croatian Market
Book – Amazon

This bag is from L.Credi and I was thinking about this one a long time because the color is really bright but it is a real summer fashion piece and at the end I couldn´t resist at all….
Have you seen the Great Gatsby as a movie ( me about 10 times) ? Now I am reading the book and it is even more interesting 🙂

Pullover – old
Top – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Bag – Mango
Leather Jacket – Mango

Had worn this at the beginning this week and when I am looking at it now I almost can´t believe it !!! It has gotten really hot so quickly.
Peplum top and pants – H&M
Shoes – old
Shades – New Yorker
Had worn this out on a date night. We went to a nice english restaurant and had some fish and chips and cider.
Shirt – Adidas
Pants – Mango
Wedges – Tommy Hilfiger
Bag – Mango

My cheering outfit for the german soccer team at the european championship. There are just a few colors you can go with because as the colors are black, red and gold it won´t fit a lot of stuff, so I went with a pair of red jeans and black wedges. Pretty cool though.

Jacket – old
Dress – H&M 
Wedges – Tommy Hilfiger

Very maritime. The weather inspired me to go striped in white & blue paired with some red lipstick and golden jewelry.

Dress – from my Mom (probably Italian market)
Shoes – very old
Bag – Guess
Shades – H&M

Such a Florida weather these days. The humidity was so high the whole day – then it was raining cats and dogs for about 20 minutes and after that it got super hot. Caused such a home sicknesses to me 🙁

Top and Skirt – H&M
Belt – Mango
Shoes – Schuhtempel 24

I always love a great flattering batik skirt and the colors of this one are just gorgeous. The purple and turquoise work so well toghether. 

Hope you all have great plans for the super hot weekend. 

Take care. See you. Love K.

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