Instagram Roundup:Latest outfits

Hi guys
today I am gonna update you on some of my latest oufits I had worn:
The weather wasn´t the best lately and so they are not as summer looking as they should.
H&M – top
New Yorker – Cardigan
Replay – Jeans
Bruno Banani – Bag
I had worn this last week. It was very windy and in my opinion really cold.
Those are my most favorite White Jeans. I love them. They are Replay and the denim material is sooo soft you can even imagine.
You might know that I love flower patterns so the Cardigan is not really a surprise. The guess shopper is from last years collection but I like that it is plaited on the outsides.
Went with nude pumps, they were more fitting than purple ones.
H&M – Top
H&M – Running Pants
adidas – Running shoes

Usually I don´t post my Sport Outfits but I bought this great running top last week and it is so fashionable and trendy for running – might make the whole running thing more comfortable ;).
They got such cute tops at the H&M sports department. Really great pieces.
H&M – Blouse and black top
H&M – high waisted Pants
Buffalo – Shoulder Bag
Buffalo – Flats
This had been the most favorite outift I had worn the last few weeks. Leopard pattern still works for me and this blouse is so comfortable. The pairing with the high-waist pants made such a great look. Took the red from the blouse for the flats and the bag. Stunning look.
Hollister – Polo Shirt
Gina Tricot – Pants
Bruno Banani – Bag
Shoes – old but still amazing

Still in love with the White – Pink combination for summer days. It Looks so fresh and White makes the summer complete for me.
The heels have a metallic shimmer I do love. (Also got them in blue)
Polo Shirts are better to wear in summer than in the winter months. When I am wearing one I get this sailing / on a boot Feeling even when I am not.
Maybe it is just my thing…..
Those were my latest ouftfits.
More are in progress….
Take care. See you.

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