Skirts around the clock

Hi guys
today I am showing you different outfits I had worn with skirts. Every skirt is a little different so you might combine them with different pieces of clothing. I love wearing skirts and dresses especially in the Fall and Winter months because there are so many different types of tights.

Had worn this to work and I really liked it. The green pullover has those typical – I usually call it a Burlington pattern – diamonds on the front in different colors. The skirt is a  Wraparound in the same color like the pullover. (But it is not a set, just a lucky coincidence). I paired it with light grey net tights with a dot structure and
a white long scarf. The dark green is a great color especially for fall and winter and you can also wear it with nude colors and golden accessoires to make it look elegant.

For this outfit I had worn my favorite tights – the dotty ones. Spots and dots are my favorite pattern on tights but then you gotta keep  the rest of your outfit pretty simple to not look like a clown. I wore a short and tight skirt in a kinda neoprene material and a matching black and white twin-set. I know that twin-sets can have  a little old touch
but in this case I think it is really pretty and classy and you can never ever go wrong with a black and white combination – Coco Chanel was always right with this.

This is a great fall combination because of the darker but still bright colors. The dark pink turtleneck and the black skirt with lots of colorful kinda flowers or blobs. I paired this with a small golden and black chain belt
with a cute tassel at the end. Liked this outfit a lot. The skirt is short but not to and is swinging with every step you take.
So that´s it for my latest skirt outfits – but keep on reading for more dressy outfits with dresses
Take care. See you. Love K.

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