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Hi friends,
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
this was the first time I have shopped at Amazon during the Amazon Prime Day (haven´t had Prime for years – happens).

I have to say that there are always lots of articles on my wishlist I am interested in but I end up deleting them after some time. Usually I am not browsing on Amazon I only go there if I am in need of a a prodcut I know they have and is nowhere else available or I just need quick delivery.

But I have found some great deals on beauty products I needed but would have gotten somewhere else or somebrand else and also on other stuff. They have tons of great deals these 36 hours.

So what is the Amazon Prime Day?
Amazon offers lots of great deals (mostly 20 to 30 % off) on all and I mean ALL kinds of articles. If you are in need of anything electronic I am sure you can find it no matter what you need.
The sale took part from the 16th of July – 12 am to the 17th of July 12 pm.There are also some deals which start later or are better than others but are limited in the 36 hours.

What I got:

Senseo Original coffee maker
We where talking about getting a new coffee mashine for quite some time now. I have a Nescafé Dolce Gusto but it keeps getting worse and worse and also after decalcifying the amount of coffee which get out doesn´t get more but let´s be honest, the mashine is now five or six years old and which one does last that long !!! Also the capsules are pretty expensive so this was another reason for switching mashines although I love mine (was a limited Facebook edition).
Usual price 79,99 € // marked down price 44,99 €

Senseo Classic pads for coffee maker – 10 packages
Since we have this coffee mashine at our office I now the different pads and how they taste. So I ordered the pads in bulk. We need them anyways. This sale is also great to stock up on basic items like kitchen goods or baby products.
Usual price 24,99 € // marked down price 14,99 €

Amazon Bascis navy cozy blanket
This wasn´t something I wanted but I loved immediately. Since I have redecorated our living room(view the post here) I am always on the look for navy or dark blue pieces and this was the one. First of all I have never heard that Amazon has its own brand called Amazon Basics. This was totally new to me. I got the blanket in the 2,29 x 2,29 m size in navy. Can´t have to many soft and cozy blankets for Fall and Winter and for this price.
Usual price 21,99 € // marked down price 15,99 €

Rituals – The Rituals of Dao body cream
That is an item I meant when I said stocking up on basics. I am currently using the Happy Buddha body cream but it will come to an end so why not getting a back up while it is on sale since this brand never really goes on sale or reducts products.
Usual price 17,90 € // marked down price 13,49 €

Burt´s Bees beeswax lip balm
I always love to have some of these at hand for my own use or just to throw into a gift back. They are moisturizing my lips perfectly and I really love the smell and the taste.
Usual price 3,99 € // marked down price 2,29 €

Burt´s Bees almond and milk hand cream 
Didn´t know that they also make hand cream and wouldn´t have bought it either but I am so glad I did cause it super moisturizing for your hand and it smells like marzipan. Obsessed!!!
Usual price 10,95 € // marked down price 4,99 €

Burt´s Bees shower gel peppermint and rosemary
Smells awesomely fresh the bottle is huge so this is going to last for a lot of showers. The peppermint scent is awesome for summer cause it smells super super fresh.
Usual price 12,95 € // marked down price 6,50 €

schaebens dead sea face and body scrub
Haven´t tried this one yet but I love the face masks so this will be great too. Their brand has awesome products for blemished skin.
Usual price 6,95 € // marked down price 3,95 €

I hope you liked my little guide. I am always loving to read what other people get on Amazon whether it is from a sale or not.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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