My Amazon Buys – February…


Happy Tuesday ladies,

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I am definitely a little way behind my monthly amazon shares but I am trying to get better with these. To be honest I really don´t know why I stopped or forgot to share these but hopefully some day I am even again. 

Let´s have a look at my amazon February buys. I got some things for Emilia´s upcoming birthday as well as stuff for our little bathroom refresh.

Playmobil 123 Zoo Truck //  I actually got this cute set for Emilia´s Easter basket and she totally loves it. These sets are super affordable and have tons of different themes.

Philips Avent Straw Cup // We started using these at 11 months and these are still her favorite cups to drink from when we are on the go.

Pet Car Cover // Definitely needed this cause we have leather seats in my car and Chloe almost always has dirty feet and I definitely don´t want to wipe everything down every time we go somewhere.

Duplo ABC Bus // Another cute little set-up for Emilia to play with. She might not play with the letters now but she builds little towers and drives the bus. It is just so adorable how she plays on her own.

Soap dispenser // I planned to get these for our shower and I think they look great but they never arrived. I got refunded though but never thought of ordering again.

Faux hydrangeas // Wanted to love these so bad but to be honest they look really cheap and I returned them. Haven´t found others since.

Tissue holder // Looks super cute in the bathroom and is also very well made for the price.

Dinosaur book // We are huge fans of the touch and feel books over here and have several different ones. The dinosaur one is super cute and perfect for boys and girls.

Wall hooks // These have been a huge helper in terms of getting all the dog leashes untangled and organized. I just sticked them on the side of a shoe rack and hang Chloe´s leashes on them. Made a huge difference.

Popcorn container // I ordered these for my Disney+ review shoot but ended up using them everytime we made popcorn. It creates such a cinema atmosphere which makes for a nice change while you can´t do anything else in the evenings than watch TV.

Minnie Mouse outfit // Since Emilia´s first birthday theme has been Minnie Mouse I decided to go all in and get this adorable little set for her. She only wore it at the beginning of her party and for the smash cake. I love it so much and think it looked so damn cute on her. It is a one size fits one years olds but I could not close the onesie and the skirt was also very tight but I changed all that. I would only recommend this set if you know how to help yourself in terms of sewing or if your baby hasn´t reached the full height and weight for a one year old. Other than that it is great and so affordable. This definitely goes into her keepsake box.

Minnie Mouse two piece // Another cute set for a motto party but a little more laid back. I wanted to have a second look cause I was sure she would be super dirty after her smash cake. Fit was great but the pants were super long.

Baby toothbrush // I had no idea which one to order but these looked cute and are super affordable. In the end I think it doesn´t really matter though. 

Baby toothpaste // Emilia hated the toothpaste at first but now she really likes it and can´t wait to suck it out of the toothbrush each day. It is supposed to taste like apple and banana but to be honest I am not so sure about it. 

Oh wow it has been a lot of stuff I ordered in Feburary. So congratulations if you are still with me. Is there something you especially liked?


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My Amazon Buys – January….


Happy Sunday  you guys,

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I hope you had a nice weekend so far. I wanted to share another Amazon buys round-up with you today (and yes January is correct). Somehow I stopped to share my finds last year cause I was so busy with all the holidays so I totally forgort about this.

But here we are again and let´s dive in. Everything is linked as always at the end of the post.

Amazon Buys January 21

Pack of 7 pairs of earrings // To be honest this wasn´t the best set of earrings. It is cute and totally Valentine´s Day themed but the one pair I had so much hope in (the heart shaped earrings with the white “pearls” broke after the first use). All of the other pairs are fine and especially the velvet pieces are made of good quality. The whole set is under ten so there wasn´t much to expect though.

Peppa Pig Best Friends book // Got this book for Emilia cause she loves pigs and Peppa Pig is so cute. She liked it a lot and still loves to look at it and lift the flaps. It is sturdier than I thought, thankfully.

I love you, little one flap book // If you looked carefully you remember this being in Emilia´s Valentine´s Day basket. It is the perfect little book to give to babies. The pages are very thick. It contains lot´s of sweet animals and is overall a very cute book.

Silicone bips // These are self-explanatory. We definitely have a messy eater and these bips have caught so much food before it falls on the floor. Also they are very easy to clean and so affordable.

Pill container // I have a hard time with taking my pills each day so this container definitely made it easier for me. I know now what I still have to take and what is already gone for the day.

Wrapping paper organizer // I store all of my wrapping paper in one corner of our pantry and after Christmas it was the biggest mess. At some point I stuck them all into a bucket. I saw this at someone´s Insta story but I can not remember who and ordered one immediately. It fits about 10 rolls of wrapping paper which is great cause now everything is stored away thoroughly.

Baby girl hair clip in bows // I ordered the same pieces as headbands months ago but need clips now cause the she doesn´t like hair bands in her hair anymore. Makes me really sad but on the other hand these are so cute as well.

Birthday Girl headband // A little something for me on my birthday since we weren´t able to do anything. Also comes in silver and with a sash (but I threw the sash away).

Golden candles // Have never seen more beautiful candles for a birthday cake than these twisted golden candles. Unfortunately they arrived late so I will be using them next year.

Christmas ornament container // I have collected so many important and unique ornaments so I wanted to store them separately from the rest of the ornaments and I ordered this container. It comes with a extra divider for the inside of your box to store your delicate memorabilia safe until next year.

Vitamins // I have shared everything about the vitamins I take and why and where I got them specifically in this post.

And that´s it for another whole month of Amazon finds. Amazon always has been my go-to for all kinds of things I would not know where to get else but the last year it has become even more important cause shops are still closed but life goes.

See you next week for lots of Spring content. We shot some adorable looks on the weekend.


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What are the benefits of ice rolling…

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools

ice rolling, beauty, beauty review, benefits of ice rolling, trying out new beauty products, amazon tools, beauty tools


Happy Monday,

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it definitely is a tough one today. Emilia didn´t sleep very well so I needed all the coffee and some ice rolling today. The ice roller is such a great and inexpensive tool and there are days in everyone´s life I am sure you´ll need one. I got mine a few years a go after Hayley from Blondie in the City raved about it a lot and I have never needed it more since I had Emilia. I mean she mostly is a good sleeper but some days are just jinxed.


What are the benefits of ice rolling

Ice rolling has several benefits that shouldn´t be missed because they are so easy to achive plus the ice roller is only about 10 Euro and definitely brings great things with it. So here are the awesome benefits I was talking about:

 – ice rolling reduces swelling (much needed after hard nights)

 – boosts circulation which is helping to restore cells

 – can instantly reduce redness

 – can shrink the size of your pores

 – can calm inflammation

 – helps to keep my headache at a minimum (at least for me but it is worth a try if you get really strong migraines)

I definitely use it a lot these days. I keep it in my fridge cause it gets uncomfortably cold in the freezer plus it doesn´t roll as smooth when the plastic gets to cold. 

Hopefully we get more sleep tonight, so see you tomorrow.

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My Amazon Buys – November…


Happy Hump Day you guys, 

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Christmas is one week away and I still can´t believe it. The holidays are almost here and also almost over. But let´s not get to dramatic and talk about last months Amazon finds.

I totally forgot to share my Amazon finds last months. Somehow there was no time but my November picks are saved here today.

I got a pretty good mix from things I needed for Emilia´s baptism and also began to start ordering christmassy stuff.

So let´s dive right in.

Amazon Buys November 2020

Etagére // Bought this one for the petit fours for Emilia´s baptism. It is made of plastic so not the best quality but it looks pretty and is very cheap.

Set of 3 candle holders // The most beautiful set of candle holders I have seen in a while. Definitely using them for our Christmas table as well as decor throughout the year.

Cake serving set gold // This is a total essential if you are hosting a lot and serving desserts and/or have afternoon cake at your place.

LED Christmas candles // We had string lights on our tree for years and it has been so annoying to untangle them year after year so I went with these candles for the tree. They come with a remote and can be dimmed.

Smartphone sanitizer // In times of Covid and the Flu there is not much more to say than this has become an essential in our house.

Kids travel bed // We had to travel for two days last month so I got this travel bed for the hotel room for Emilia. She likes to play in it but sleeping hasn´t been that good. Maybe she needs to get used to it first. I put her in it when I have to get some things around the house done.

Tangle Teezer teasing comb // Haven´t had a great tesing comb in years and this one is great. I found it on Amanda´s blog Pardon Muah.

Spice organizing set // Our spice drawer has been so unorganized and overflowing with so much stuff which has been expired or never used at all so after watching every episode of the Home Edit I got this set and organized the whole thing. So much better now. Whole set is only 30 Euro and has lot´s of little gadgets that will help you.

Oral irrigator // The last few months I have made a huge effort and stepped up my oral hygiene and teeth cleaning game so this was a must. You wouldn´t think how much crap it rinses out of your teeth.

Dear Santa book // I love this one. The drawings are so pretty.

Noise book Christmas // Makes the most beautfiul sounds for the different pages of the book.

Touch and Feel Merry Christmas book // Is is her favorite. Lot´s of different material to feel.


Lot´s of hosting and entertaining pieces last month which are going to be used for years to come.

I have another Winter look planned as well as the last gift guide of the season and our table scape for Christmas dinner for this week. Check back if you are interested.

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