My Third Trimester with Baby #2…


FYI: I prepared this blog post before our baby girl arrived so there would still be fresh content on the blog while I am taking a break from blogging. That’s why you’ll still see me pregnant or referencing my pregnancy in some upcoming blog posts!


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The third trimester is finally over which means our sweet girl is here and we are in absolute baby bliss but nevertheless I wanted to recap my last trimester with you.

It is definitely right what the doctors say, the second pregnancy is definitely harder. I had many many things I haven´t had the first time around. It was very exhausting but in my opinion it was way shorter.

Did I have any new symptoms ?

I pretty much had the same symptoms than with Emilia like the heart burn and the back pain but this time paired with sharp pain in my pelvis and carpal tunnel syndrome which means my finger fell asleep all the time and my hands hurt very bad in the morning to the point were I couldn´t even open something. Also the gestational diabetes was back but this has not been a surprise since I was warned the first time around that this will probably happen.

Did I pack differently this time around ?

Yes, I have definitely packed different things in my hospital bag but this will be a seperate post. Also I am a chronic overpacker so I might have packed other items but not less in my opinion 🙂

Is it different going into labor the second time around?

I would say yes it is different because you know what happens but what you won´t know is, if it is the same experience. Not two deliveries are the same so I was very anxious this time around for several reasons. I was told the head was pretty big so my fear of her getting stuck and not getting enough oxygen came back big time. Also I totally wanted an epidural this time cause it definitely hurts bad and I was too proud to ask for one the first time around until it was too late and I had to through with it unmedicated.

Did I have any aversions or cravings the last few weeks?

Not that I can think of. I craved apples very bad when pregnant with Emilia and also tuna salad but not this time around.

Did I sleep better this time around?

Yes and no. There was no insomnia this time around but I had to get up during the night and look after Emilia if she needed something and I had very bad restless legs so I could not sleep well most of the time.

Was it more exhausting the second time because I am older now?

I don´t think it was because I am older now but because I have a toddler now who is very active and wants to play the whole time. I went to nap with her almost every day for about one to two hours and it was glorious. The fatiuge didn´t came back in the third trimester like I had it in my first but I definitely had days were I was more tired than others. Overall it is a huge effort for your body to grow a human and if you are tired more often than you wish to be give yourself some grace as this too shall pass.

Did I get any new things for the baby?

A few. They are both born in different season so the newborn clothes definitely look a little different. I also got new burp clothes cause I found some I absolutely love, a few monogrammed things and also some add-ons for our Bugaboo. Other than that just some things for the girl´s shared nursery. 


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