Mother´s Day Gift Ideas….


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Mother´s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to share some cute and affordable pieces I have gotten in recently. As you may have seen we are having another baby (more about it in this post) and I am so excited. Being a mom is the best job and the only thing I ever wanted to be (but don´t get me wrong it also has it´s downs and very hard phases nevertheless it´s the best). 

Everything is from SheIn but I am sure you can get similar things from amazon as well. I have used express shipping and it should be here in a few days.

Mother´s Day Gift Ideas

bag / hat / bracelet / coffee glass / beauty case / flower shirt / key chain / necklace / green mama shirt / embroidered bracelet / strawberry mama shirt


Gingerbread House Decorating for Kids…


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Happy Monday you guys,

it is a great one. The Christmas countdown has officially started. We are done with all of our Christmas tasks over here and enjoying the last with filled with tons of Christmas activites. Today is the annual Christmas party of our line dance group and on Thursday we are going on a dinner Christmas cruise and on Friday we are visiting the Christmas Circus plus I have planned lots of fun little things with my girls at home.

On the weekend we decorated our gingerbread houses and I was looking forward to this for so long cause it is so much fun now to see how well Emilia does decorating now. It is so much fun for her and she is so focused and concentrated. Just loved watching her.

A few years ago I made the dough myself and cut out all the shapes for a complete house but to be honest I am all about saving time and convenience now so I got a premade Gingerbread House kit. I also glued it together with hot glue wich was a game changer. We don´t eat them so it is also safe in terms of that.

I threw away the powdered sugar and the sweets from the kit and made my own royal icing and got some sweets that will work way better. The key is to have sweets or treats that are flat on one side so they are easier to glue to your house.

Gingerbread House Decorating


Back to School – Kindergarten Edition…


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The first week of Kindergarten is over and it was a huge success. She loved it everyday and didn´t want to go home. I am so so happy for her. There are so many other children to play with and she has already found two friends. It is just the cutest thing to watch her go into her group in the mornings and be immediately happy.

I have gotten some things for her upfront but wanted to at least have everything tested once.

Amazon Kindergarten Favorites

Backpack and more

I have been a huge Reisenthel lover for years now and I was so happy when the time came around I could get their monogrammed diaper bags for my girls and now of course I was even more excited to get a Kindergarten backpack set for Emilia. 

We got the pink ABC set cause of course it had to be pink and the unicorn was just the cherry on top !!!!



I got these for Emilia for her gymnastics class and she was super smitten. Of course. I mean they are pink with glitter so what´s not to love here.



Snack Box and More

I am a huge fan of girl dinner so of course I had to get some Bento boxes for Kindergarten snack time. A few things of everything is better than a lot of one am I right. At least food wise.

The boxes have 5 different sized compartments. I am still exploring what works for her and what not but I have had lots of hit and only a few misses. It might seem like a big box but it fits perfectly into her backpack and it is also easy to open for her.

To make snack time a little more exciting I got some fun gadgets like these animal sticks. I used these for sticky things like cut up fruits. Another very practical thing I love are the silicone muffin tins. I put the cut up fruit in there or today I put some nuts into it. 

A huge hit are the heart and star shaped cutter. I use them for her bread or toast and she has eaten it up every single time although she is not a hute bread fan.

The little round tins with the silicone lids are perfect for joghurt or peanut butter. They are absolutely leak-proof.

This great wave cutter is a super simple tool but it helps so much making all the vegetables more interesting for your child.


Our Daughter´s First Happy Bee Day Birthday Party…



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Let us recap this more than joyous ocassion cause it definitely deserves a permanent spot on my blog and in my life. Two weekends ago we celebrated my little daughter´s first birthday and I was so happy but equally sad. Every other mama probably knows what I am talking about. Plus I never thought I could use the term the days are long but the years are short and know exactly what it´s meant to mean.

I have shared a ton of cute birthday themes for first birthday parties and went with the Bee Day theme. It is very cute summery birthday party theme and turned out amazing.

First Bee Day Party

The Cake 

My number one source for birthday ideas is Pinterest so I was browsing First Bee Day Cakes and screenshoted about 20 of them only to pick my favorite bits of every one and put it together into one big super cute cake. The top had to look like the bee hive itself cause I thought it was just a gorgeous idea. The top is covered in buttercream and the cake inside was chocolate. So so good. 

The cake underneath has been vanilla biscuit and strawberry buttercream covered in bright yellow fondant. The daisies and the little fondant bees make it even more pretty. Almost too pretty to eat but we did and it was delicious.


The High Chair

We got a little smash cake for Helena to dive right in but she was very hesitant and did not start eating until we gave her a fork. What a well behaved little girl. After that she was snacking away on the cake and seemed to enjoy it a lot. I have found the sweetest ONE banner on amazon US and although it took a little longer to get to us it was perfect. The black fringe curtain plus the little balloon arch and the big bee balloon completed the whole backdrop.


The Adult´s Table

The adults table included all the things it needed plus some decor to incorporate the theme like the little beehives and a huge flower centerpiece.


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