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Last weekend has been the first time this year we finally went stand-up paddling. I have missed it so much and it was so great to get out on the water again. Although I do have to admit that it isn´t as easy as it was last year without a baby bump but I am giving my best cause I definitely want to stay fit this pregnancy and I also want to participate in all the Summer fun.

We got our paddle boards last year and got a ton of use out of them. There have been weeks we even went twice out on the water and I am so looking forward to it.

All Things Water Sports


SPF As much as possible cause the sun is brutal out on the water / we also always wear any kind of rash guard or at least a long sleeve

SUP board Ours are from Artsport, I have only found the blue one to link for you guys at the moment. They come with a paddle, a huge bag, a kit to repare wholes and a pump. The price is definitely unbeatable

Water shoes not a need per se but to be honest I have the slippery and sandy grounds in the river. It is just so disgusting so these come in very handy for me. You will also have way more traction on slippery stones and on the board in general.

Mesh bags I personally love these cause all of the sand and little stones fall out when carrying them. Plus they are both huge and you can take so many things with you. A great option for a beach day as well.

Cap this is self-explaining

Water safe bag this has been an actual life saver cause while you do not need your phone where do you put your key which are all electric nowadays and shouldn´t get wet at all. It has definitely kept everything dry inside. It has never been under water cause I do not wear it in cause I fall into the water but I clip it onto the board and it gets wet all the time from all the splashes. Held up great so far and the price is very good for a pack of two.

Water bottle with hook You can not imagine how thursty you will actually get. Paddling definitely is a real work out. I love the clip on our bottle cause you can attach it to the cords in front of the board and it can not slip or fall into the water. Also the stainless stell will keep your water cool as long as you need it.

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