Outfit – Fluffy Fur Vest

Hi guys
todays post is about an Outfit I  had worn on the weekend. Mostly indoors, because I was at a mall and it was pretty freezing outside. Took the picture in my parents garden, cause I am visiting them quite every Saturday to get some lunch and news.
So here are the details:

It is a super warm and cozy one. It has nice dark brown color and inside a light creamy color. I paired it with a light and long pullover with a big collar I didn´t need to wear a scarf.
The pair of Jeans is H&M – they are last season but I still love them. The color and all the different ornaments make a real great appearance. The shoes are pointed heels from Buffalo – I love their shoes especially the high heels with the pointed toes. They are real leather and about a 100 Euros each of them. And the variety of colors is almost endless.
And last but not least one of my favorite bags for fall – but meanwhile you all might know.
Hope you are having a great fall time so far.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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