Pasta a la tonno – with black olives, capers and parmigiano

Hi guy´s 

after my relaxing weekend – all I did was cleaning up a little and cooking and baking, all for you guys for new recipes – so here is the first one. Really !! quick and easy and so tasty. And you can´t do anything wrong.

Those are the ingridients you need:

Pasta of course – I took penne, but any other will work too
Tomatoes – cut, in sauce
Tonno – in its own juice ( is not as fat as in olive oil)
Black olives
and of course parmiggiano

Heat up the tomatosauce in a pot and spice it how you like it 
I took pepper, chillisalt ( a lot because I like it hot) and broth for the taste

put as much tonno, olives and capers as you like into the sauce and heat up again

While heating up the sauce you can cook the noodles al dente

Put everything on a plate and garnish it with parmiggiano
So here it is: Pasta a la tonno 

Yummy yummy yummy

Take care. See you. Love K.

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