My Amazon Buys – August…


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By my monthly amazon and Emilia´s update posts I can see how fast time is flying. It is unbelievable but Summer is already over and we are almost halfway through September. One more blink of the eye and we might be preparing for Christmas holidays already.

Amazon Finds August

Woman cardigan // Doesn´t this cardigan have the most divine Fall colors. Can´t wait to wear it and style it differently. Available in a bunch of different colors. I got a size medium and it fits oversized.

Woman´s knit pullover // I plan on wearing this cute piece to our visit at the pumpkin patch. Will look great with pumpkins in a pic. Available in other colors too plus prime shipping. I got a size medium.

Sunglasses chain // This is so extravagant I just love it. Sometimes more is more regarding style and if you ask Iris Apfel more is definitely always more. I personally loved wearing it so far for practical reason as well as fancy ones. Not available for prime shipping. 

The gift of fear book // Ordered this book after I saw it on Olivia Jeanettes´s Instagram stories and after reading some horrible news about trafficking. The book teaches you to get more aware of your surroundings and keep looking out for little signs that could ultimately save you of becoming a victim.

Golden bangles // I originally was on the hunt for affordable “Buddha Bangles” but couldn´t find any so I went with this cheap version. They are made of plastic filled with gold dust. I think they are okay to wear but definitely not a dupe for the bangles I wanted. Not available for prime shipping but available in other colors. Quality isn´t the best and you can definitely see that they are plastic.

Luggage // The chicest luggage I have seen in a long time plus it is super affordable as it is the amazon basics brand. I got the big size for under 50 Euro which was an awesome deal because I also own the small size and it cost the same back then. I ordered the red and cognac brown color but the luggage is also availabe in navy and black with the cognac trim. Availabe for prime shipping.

Baby bows // A huge set of 20 cute baby bows including all the colors you could possibly need to dress up your little girl. Emilia is now 5 months old and the bows fit great. Not to tight at all. Available with prime shipping. Under 10 Euro.

Mouthie Mitten // Got this for Emilia to chew on when she starts teething. I heard great things about it and think the concept is pretty great. Haven´t used it yet so I can not say anything in terms of that but the quality is really good.

Liquid collagen // I am in desperate need of this. My hair is falling out so bad I am afraid I will go bald very soon plus my ends are breaking and splitting. I have been taking it for a week now and am hoping for the best.

Hair crimper // Hair tools and experimenting with hair styles are my jam. I own a ton of hair tools but this hair crimper was to good to not add to my “collection”. I love the beach waves it creates and how easy and quick you can style your hair with it. It was under 30 Euro and is available for prime shipping.

Teething toy fox // This has quickly become a favorite of Emilia. I think she loves the bright color and it is really soft which makes it easy to chew on.

Stroller fan // One of the best investments I made on amazon for the Summer. Perfect to keep your little one cool and guarantee fresh air in the stroller. Available for prime shipping and under 15 Euro.

Teehting toy banana // Another favorite over here. Emilia has been using it a ton and I think it is super funny. The brand is Nuby and they have a ton of cute children´s toys. Available for prime shipping.

Kids puzzle play mat // This is a great piece if your baby is already rolling around but also for tummy time. The mat is made of foam and super cute by itself. It will be awesome for later too as you can use it as a puzzle. We covered it with a blanket to make it extra soft to play on for Emilia. There are bigger sizes available as well. This product is not available for prime shipping.

Pot hoods // Great for covering different pots and pans and cans. Very important in the Summer months but also practical for the rest of the year cause you don´t want to have flies sit on your food. Set of five. Available for prime shipping.

Food storage container // Since we have bean on the go a lot I wanted to have a container to warm up Emilia´s bottles and ordered this one. But it can contain 2 litres and is way to big so I am going to use it to store cereal. The quality is great though and it is really affordable. Available for prime shipping.

Denim shirt dress // Saw this on Natalie Kennedy´s Instagram and thougth it would look super cute over dresses to wear in the Fall. You can wear it as a cover or wear is as a dress itself as it buttons up all the way. I got a size XL cause the reviews said it would run small so I sized up two sizes but sizing up one size would have been enough. No prime shipping and extra shipping fees. Meassure before you order. The material is a light denim. Great for now and later.



My Amazon Buys – April…


Happy Monday you guys and happy first week of May,

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although it could be every day in every month since we are quarantined for the 637th day. My Amazon lists are are at least keeping me on track what month it is.

It was quite the fashion months over here with lots of cute things I have found to wear for Spring and Summer and the other category is baby. Got some baby things after going home from the hospital cause I thought it couldn´t hurt to have them on hand among the other items we already got.

Let´s round-up my purchases for the month of April.

April Amazon Finds

St. Moriz Instant Tannig Mousse // Since it has been sold out everywhere I ordered it on amazon and got a mitten inclusive so that´s a win. I am anxious to try it out on the weekend. Got it in the shade medium and hope it isn´t to dark for my fair self.

#momlife t-shirt // I thought it was only appropriate to own a shirt like this since I am a mom now. Also how cute is this pink color. Got a size medium for a longer fit.

Tie-dye oversized shirt // Only my second piece which fits the tie-dye trend but I might have gotten myself a new favorite. The neon colors are super cool and the shirt is so soft. On the prodcut description it says that it should be a dress but for that it is mighty short. 

Fisher Price mobile // We got this mobile for her bed in our bedroom as we figured she might love the dancing teddy bears and the star reflections but sadly it can not be assembled onto that bed so we saved it for her crib in the nursery. Adorable teddy bears, it makes different sounds and glows in the dark. For the price of under 40 Euro definitely worth it and the mobile appears to be quite sturdy so it could have a long life. 

What to expect the first year // We where in deperate need of a book that showed all the upcoming stages for the next months and since I had the What to expect when you are expecting and liked it a lot I went with this as follow up.

Longsleeve jersey dress // I personally love a jersey dress. They are super cute and versatile while amazingly comfortable. One of the best pieces to throw on if you don´t know what to wear. I got the coral color in this and it is a lot darker than on the picture. I would say it is definitely more a brick red than a coral shade nevertheless the dress is affordable, comfy and not to short. I got a size medium and it fits great on the upper body and a little more loose on the tummy area as I still have some baby pounds.

Maxi tank dress // By following my blog you know about my love for anything midi and maxi and this dress is so adorable. It has a great lenght for me which means I can also wear it with flats (I am 1,64 cm) cause it isn´t too long. Also super stretchy and not seethrough at all. Perfect for a weekend dress or dressed up for a summer garden party. I ordered size medium.

Guitar graphic tee // I am on a total graphic tee kick and looking for the best in every store. I definitely like Disney, band shirts, city names and colorful prints. Got a size medium in this as I wanted it to be a little more loose and longer and it fits great.

Sunglasses // Can´t resist a cool pair of sunglasses although I already have about 20 pairs but somehow they get lost in all of my handbags and when I am in need of one I can´t find one. All the colors of this model are pretty but I got the nude shade and the leopard print.

Black cumin oil // We have been using this for some years as a lotion for our dog Chloe cause it is supposed to repell ticks and in our opinion it is working great. She probably has about 5 now over the whole summer as before it would have been about 30. Definitely worth a try.

See you tomorrow for a bunch of date night ideas to try at home while we are #stayingathome as much as possible.