H&M Sale Try-On Haul…


Happy Monday you guys,

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what better way to start the week with some outfit inspo. I went to H&M last week (yes the stores had were open last week and for now they are closed again which is crazy and I can not believe it) and picked up some gorgeous pieces for very low prices so I felt like I had to share. I have styled every item so you can get an idea on what it would look like in an outfit plus I have linked everything that is still online available. So with no further ado – let´s start….

H&M Sale Try-On Haul 

skirt H&M – wearing size 42 / sweater H&M – wearing size small


t-shirt H&M – wearing Size medium


denim jacket H&M – wearing size 38


dress H&M – wearing size 40


shirt H&M – wearing size small


mom jeans H&M – wearing size 44 they have no stretch at all / puff sleeve blouse H&M – wearing size medium


shirt dress H&M – runs big wearing size small


cotton dress H&M – wearing size 42 


leopard print blouse H&M – wearing size 38

Can you tell I am missing my heels ?! I had so much fun wearing my beloved heels for shooting these looks.


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Gift Guide – Baby…

gift guide, baby gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts

gift guide, baby gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts

gift guide, baby gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts


(post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links-not sponsored)

This is by far my favorite gift guide. I love to pick things for Emilia. Why are baby toys so damn cute?! Maybe that is one of the reasons we have way too much toys already.

I am always looking for cute things as well as toys she can learn things with and books.

Today´s gift guide is the last of the season because things won´t arrive in time after tomorrow so it makes no sense at all. I have only done four this year but with a baby at home it was enough stress. I always try to do different gift guides, not the usual ones you can see everywhere. I hope you liked them and it wasn´t too much.

Gift Guide for the Baby


SkipHop activity gym // We got this from a family friend and she loves to be in it. All the play features are awesome and it is the right height so she can also interact with our dog. 

Tummy Time Lama // I ordered this before she was born and to be honest she didn´t like it all for tummy time but now she frequently plays with it. 

Stacking pyramid // This entertain her a lot.

Stand-up penguin // We got this one some time back and it is her best crawl companion. 

Singing book // We don´t own this but I think the idea of a book playing a different song on each page is really cute. 

Wooden blocks // My husband probably loves them more than Emilia does. He builds little towers and she comes and knocks them over. They can entertain themselves with this for a long period of time.

Ball pit // We got one for our little girl for Christmas and I can´t wait for her to sit in it. She loves little balls and I think she will be in heaven.

Baby bath robe // Isn´t it the best to cuddle up in your soft robe after taking a bath? 

Mobile // This would be such a cute gift for a newborn baby. 

Baby armchair // We are going to get one for her birthday as she is a little to small for it now but in my opinion this is the perfect chair for a boss baby!!

Stuffed octopus // Looks very cute and soft and is available in a ton of color combinations.

Play mat // The mixture of the wood and the gray cushion looks so exquisite. Definitely not an eyesore for a living room.

Hopefully this has helped. I for myself found a ton of toys I am going to get for Emilia. Maybe not the best outcome but also not the worst.


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Amazon Buys – November…


Happy Hump Day you guys, 

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Christmas is one week away and I still can´t believe it. The holidays are almost here and also almost over. But let´s not get to dramatic and talk about last months Amazon finds.

I totally forgot to share my Amazon finds last months. Somehow there was no time but my November picks are saved here today.

I got a pretty good mix from things I needed for Emilia´s baptism and also began to start ordering christmassy stuff.

So let´s dive right in.

Amazon Buys November 2020

Etagére // Bought this one for the petit fours for Emilia´s baptism. It is made of plastic so not the best quality but it looks pretty and is very cheap.

Set of 3 candle holders // The most beautiful set of candle holders I have seen in a while. Definitely using them for our Christmas table as well as decor throughout the year.

Cake serving set gold // This is a total essential if you are hosting a lot and serving desserts and/or have afternoon cake at your place.

LED Christmas candles // We had string lights on our tree for years and it has been so annoying to untangle them year after year so I went with these candles for the tree. They come with a remote and can be dimmed.

Smartphone sanitizer // In times of Covid and the Flu there is not much more to say than this has become an essential in our house.

Kids travel bed // We had to travel for two days last month so I got this travel bed for the hotel room for Emilia. She likes to play in it but sleeping hasn´t been that good. Maybe she needs to get used to it first. I put her in it when I have to get some things around the house done.

Tangle Teezer teasing comb // Haven´t had a great tesing comb in years and this one is great. I found it on Amanda´s blog Pardon Muah.

Spice organizing set // Our spice drawer has been so unorganized and overflowing with so much stuff which has been expired or never used at all so after watching every episode of the Home Edit I got this set and organized the whole thing. So much better now. Whole set is only 30 Euro and has lot´s of little gadgets that will help you.

Oral irrigator // The last few months I have made a huge effort and stepped up my oral hygiene and teeth cleaning game so this was a must. You wouldn´t think how much crap it rinses out of your teeth.

Dear Santa book // I love this one. The drawings are so pretty.

Noise book Christmas // Makes the most beautfiul sounds for the different pages of the book.

Touch and Feel Merry Christmas book // Is is her favorite. Lot´s of different material to feel.


Lot´s of hosting and entertaining pieces last month which are going to be used for years to come.

I have another Winter look planned as well as the last gift guide of the season and our table scape for Christmas dinner for this week. Check back if you are interested.

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Gift Guide for the Binge Watcher…

christmas, gift guide, christmas gifts, binge watcher, netflix, prime video, streaming services, christmas presents, presents

christmas, gift guide, christmas gifts, binge watcher, netflix, prime video, streaming services, christmas presents, presents


(post contains affiliate links/Werbung/Markennennung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links-not sposored)

We love Netflix over here as well as any other streaming service and to be honest we are huge binge watcher and I am sure there is one in your life too. 

There are tons of cute gifts for this group, in my opinion the easiest to shop for. 

Gift Guide for the Binge Watcher


PS 4 

Popcorn Mashine

Soft Faux Fur Blanket 

Netflix Doormat

Couch Tray

Tie-Dye Lounge Wear Set


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