Summer Vacation Wish List…


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Today I am sharing my Summer Vacation Wish List with you and what I have ordered as well. I know we are almost in the middle of August which means we are closer to Fall than Summer and I honestly can´t wait to finally have Fall back but I am also looking really forward to our family vacation. We haven´t been on a proper vacation since Corona started and that has been a while.

Summer Vacation Wish List

I already have this one in two other prints. It is super versatile to wear knodded with a skirt or over a bike short.

A cap is a perfect addition for a day on the beach or a walk in the sun. It protects your hair and face and is also a sporty statement piece which adds some casualness to your look.


I already have this dress in another print and have worn it several times including the going home day from the hospital.


I have never met a pair of retro sunglasses I didn´t like and also a brown frame is much more flattering to most skin tones cause the contrast isn´t as harsh.


Cute as a cover-up but also to wear out and about on hot Summer evenings. There are lots of different colors and patterns available. Looks very lightweight and since it is a co-ord set you will get plenty of wear out of it. Whether wearing it toghether or break it up and combine seperate.


The number one beach bag. I have seen it everywhere this season. It is huge and will hold all of your stuff plus you can just rinse off the sand and dirt.


A light read for the pool – if you can find the time.


Got this one already and it is a gorgeous maxi skirt. The material is very lightweight and breezable nd the turquoise will be the perfect vacation color. I got size 100.


As far as looks go will this cute crocheted piece be my favorite swim suit cover for the season. Available in many more colors and looks so flattering. Ordered already.


Totally got the bath slide trend and this pair makes it even more reasonable cause they feel like walking on little cushions, also there are tons of colors available so you will definitely get your favorite one.


Looks like crocheted pieces are all the rage on the beach this year so why not. I have ordered this one as well. It looks super comfortable.



My Amazon Buys – March…



Happy Hump Day,

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I finally come around to share all of my amazon finds month by month and as I am recapping them I see that there is a theme every months which is very funny. The amazon theme for the month of March has been Emilia´s first birthday and Easter.

Amazon Finds March

baby bath robe // A baby in a plush bath robe is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I always size up when I buy baby clothes on amazon. 

easter eggs // I used these to hide in the garden for Emilia´s first Easter Egg Hunt and it was a huge success. She loved the colorful eggs and they also held up really well for the price. I saved them and definitely going to use them next year.

Minnie Mouse stuffed animal // Since Emilia´s first birthday party had a Minnie Mouse theme this had to be one of her presents.

one garland // I attached the cute “one” sign onto her high chair for the smash cake.

balloon arch // To be honest I thought this was way toughter to assemble but it was super easy just time consuming. I had it sit on in our living room for the next 4 weeks cause it held up perfectly and I loved it.

golden hooks // I have talked about these in my amazon highlight already. I use them to store my cadett caps on my closet doors. Looks really cool and works great.

balloon pumping mashine // It wouldn´t have been possible to get the balloon arch done ever. One of the best spent 12 Euro ever.

cupcake holder // Decided last minute to get this for the setup and it looked so beautiful with the Minnie Mouse cupcakes. Onyl downside is that the cupcakes are hard to remove once they are set.

linen napkins // Availabe in a tons of different colors. The quality is great for a very affordable price.

Peppa Pig Happy Birthday book // This is the cutest book I have seen in such a long time. You can actually blow out the candles – how amazing is this.

sand toys // Since one of Emilia´s birthday presents has been a sandbox she definitely needed those cute toys to play with. She can not build anything yet but loves to destroy everything.

Peter Rabbit book // The cutest book for Easter I have ever seen. It has a ton of cute pop-up features and the drawings are amazing.

Peppa´s Easter Egg Hunt // Another adorable book for Easter. Your little one will love it.

baby swing attachment // Since we don´t have anywhere else than a tree to put the baby swing we got this to protect the branches. Works really well and is super easy to assemle. One size fits all here.


I am getting vaccinated on Friday but I am hoping I will be able to shot some fresh content on the weekend. Lot´s of Summer inspo and outdoor stuff planned.

See you.



My Amazon Buys – November…


Happy Hump Day you guys, 

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Christmas is one week away and I still can´t believe it. The holidays are almost here and also almost over. But let´s not get to dramatic and talk about last months Amazon finds.

I totally forgot to share my Amazon finds last months. Somehow there was no time but my November picks are saved here today.

I got a pretty good mix from things I needed for Emilia´s baptism and also began to start ordering christmassy stuff.

So let´s dive right in.

Amazon Buys November 2020

Etagére // Bought this one for the petit fours for Emilia´s baptism. It is made of plastic so not the best quality but it looks pretty and is very cheap.

Set of 3 candle holders // The most beautiful set of candle holders I have seen in a while. Definitely using them for our Christmas table as well as decor throughout the year.

Cake serving set gold // This is a total essential if you are hosting a lot and serving desserts and/or have afternoon cake at your place.

LED Christmas candles // We had string lights on our tree for years and it has been so annoying to untangle them year after year so I went with these candles for the tree. They come with a remote and can be dimmed.

Smartphone sanitizer // In times of Covid and the Flu there is not much more to say than this has become an essential in our house.

Kids travel bed // We had to travel for two days last month so I got this travel bed for the hotel room for Emilia. She likes to play in it but sleeping hasn´t been that good. Maybe she needs to get used to it first. I put her in it when I have to get some things around the house done.

Tangle Teezer teasing comb // Haven´t had a great tesing comb in years and this one is great. I found it on Amanda´s blog Pardon Muah.

Spice organizing set // Our spice drawer has been so unorganized and overflowing with so much stuff which has been expired or never used at all so after watching every episode of the Home Edit I got this set and organized the whole thing. So much better now. Whole set is only 30 Euro and has lot´s of little gadgets that will help you.

Oral irrigator // The last few months I have made a huge effort and stepped up my oral hygiene and teeth cleaning game so this was a must. You wouldn´t think how much crap it rinses out of your teeth.

Dear Santa book // I love this one. The drawings are so pretty.

Noise book Christmas // Makes the most beautfiul sounds for the different pages of the book.

Touch and Feel Merry Christmas book // Is is her favorite. Lot´s of different material to feel.


Lot´s of hosting and entertaining pieces last month which are going to be used for years to come.

I have another Winter look planned as well as the last gift guide of the season and our table scape for Christmas dinner for this week. Check back if you are interested.


Amazon Fall Finds…


Happy official day of Fall y´all,

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autumn has finally started even for the non believers and I couldn´t be happier. The weather is definitely changing cause the mornings are crisp and fresh and foggy. We definitely enjoyed the last warm days but now it is time for a new season that Covid can´t take away from us.

I love amazon for everything and often spend hours on their site searching for the best and Fall makes no exception. The Fall decor has definitely improved over the last years so I wanted to share a few pieces I think are super cute and I ordered too.

Leave garland // Perfect piece to place over mirrors or doors but you could also wrap it around the handle of your staircase. Super cute and reusable cause it is fake.

Velvet pumpkin // All the hype about the velvet pumpkins lately. They can get quite pricey but I think this is a great alternative.

Cauldron mug // My favorite mug for Fall / Halloween season. It´s in the shape of a mini cauldron which I think is hilarious.

Pumpkin spice syrup // Definitely going to order this one to swap out our maple syrup for our french toast during Fall season.

Pumpkin soup mug //This would be awesome hosting Fall dinners for your friends or even for Thanksgiving.

Plaid napkins // Ordered these for a dinner we are having in two weeks. They are made of the perfect orange shade. Can´t wait to entertain.

Set of 4 pillow cases // Swap out your everyday pillows for these amazing Fall themed set of 4 different pillow cases. There are tons of different motives available.

Candle holder // Black is a great color for Fall and Halloween but will match the rest of your decor as well.

Fall table runner // The leaves on it are in the most bright colors. So pretty and I have been using them for years.

Fall candle // There are tons of Fall candles out there and they all smell heavenly. As far as I have seen they are the same amount of money doesn´t matter which brand you buy.

Pampas gras // This will go seamlessly with your everyday decor but also fits the Fall theme very good.

Doormat // Outside Fall decor looks so pretty so why not get a new doormat to celebrate the best season of all for everyone to see.

Fall wreath // This gorgeous piece sits right on the mantle of my fire place as I write this post. It isn´t as big as I thought it would be but 

Wood sign // Gorgeous to hang on the outside of your door when you don´t want to hang a wreath for example.

These are all of my awesome amazon autumn finds. I am going to share on stories what I already have and what I ordered. Check back if you are interested. 

See you tomorrow.