Pregnancy Save Products I am using right now….


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Being pregnant is hard. With all the upcoming changes in your body, the things you can´t eat and drink anymore, only half access to your beloved closet and all the things to think about it is likely to forget about all the beauty prodcuts in your cabinet. Are they save to use or not? Yes, this is a question not to be forgotten.

I have shared a pregnancy skin care post during my last pregnancy, you can read about it here but since prodcuts change and there are so many new things on the market I wanted a share a little update also including make-up products I am currently using.

Pregnancy Safe Products I am using in my second pregnancy

Biotherm Lait Coroporel // The most refreshing scent for a body lotion. It smells like vacation in Italy with scents of lemon and buttermilk. A little goes a long way. I wrote to Biotherm to ask if this was pregnancy friendly and they told me yes.

Rituals Sakura Hand Lotion // My favorite Rituals scent is the cherry and white rice so I was very pleased to know that I can still use this hand balm.

Rituals Rescue Lip Balm // THE best lip balm ever. I helps within seconds and moisturizes for hours. A little goes a very long way. 

Coconut Body Scrub The Body Shop // A all natural body scrub that smells like showering in the carribean.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Balm // I have finally got my hands on a few shades in January and I am so happy I can continue to use them. The most beautiful everyday shades. 

Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour full coverage foundation // Swapped out my It Cosmetics CC Cream for the Tarte foundation and I am not mad about it. Coverage is equally good and in my opinion it even holds up longer plus it is less expensive.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick // Just glad I can continue to wear my beloved Pillow Talk and No Walk of Shame lipsticks.

Benefit ThePorefessional Pore Primer // Magically evens out every bump in my skin so I am very happy I can still use it. 

Burt´s Bees Glossy Lipstick // I have used those in my first pregnancy too and still love them. Many great shades and lots of them are highly pigmented. 

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser // My go-to face wash for a few months now. It is a huge bottle so it is great that it´s pregnancy safe. Skin gets irritated during pregnancy (at least mine) but this works fine for me. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua Gel // Got the day and night face cream cause the ones I have used before are anti-aging which means quite all of them have ingredients you can not use during pregnancy / breastfeeding.


The 15 Minute Beauty blog is a great source to check products you are using or looking for alternatives. Also I am not a doctor and I am not giving you medical advice here. I just shared what I am using at the moment or to what products I have switched while being pregnant and also while breastfeeding. I have only listed the prodcuts that go directly into the skin cause you really only need to worry about creams and liquids. Powders, wax based products (like eyeliner) and mascara aren’t things you need to worry about.

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Favorite Foundation that makes my skin so smooth looking…


Hi guys,

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I haven´t had the most productive week to be honest I have been so so tired and not feeling super well so this will hopefully turn around soon. I mean the second trimester is supposed to be a lot better energywise and I also have a ton of stuff to get done until baby #2 is here. Still sounds so surreal.

Anyways let´s have a look at the foundation I am sharing today. I have been trying many throughout the last years but this one has quickly become my favorite.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Why has it become a favorite of mine. It is buildable which means it covers blemishes perfectly, it has SPF 50 (very important these days – the sun is making you age and is also a huge risk for skin cancer), there are so many shades available which means there will be definitely the right one for you (my shade is fair), it is available in travel sized (just got mine for my hospital bag) and it is definitely affordable for the quality. Stays all day long. Looks great with or without powder on.

A little alos goes a long way too. I bought mine on Black Friday and used it nearly everyday and it still has lots left. The picture shows how much I need for one coat that covers my whole face. I apply it with a sponge but a brush would be good as well.

Side Note: As great as the CC Cream is I recently found out it is not pregnancy safe at all. The CC cream contains Retinoid, Snail Secretion, Salicylate and Licorice Root which are neither safe for nursing nor pregnancy. I switched to the Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour foundation which is totally safe.

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Very Berry – How do wear Dark Lipstick…


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I love my lipsticks and I definitely love to wear a bold lip. It is a statement and oh so beautiful. Period. There is nothing more to add but the bolder and darker the lipstick, the trickier it is to apply it perfectly and make it stay all day.

For today´s post I am sharing how I wear this very berry color and what are the steps to get to this edgy look. 

Milani Brandy Berry / MAC Rebel / Sephora #lipstories Golden Gate / bare minerals bare pro Blackberry

Scrub, scrub, scrub…

First of all these are the perfect months to wear darker lipstick but these are also the month my lips couldn´t be drier. I have to things I love to do in the evening and mornings. First of all there is no way to hold on to your smooth lips without a scrub. Wearing lipstick everyday and removing your make-up in the evening is taking a huge tool on the hydration of your lips so a lip scrub it is. 

Hydration is key…

After a good srcub hydration is key to keep your lips smooth and free from chopping. This Rituals Rescue Lip Balm is my favorite and I always have a back-up in my drawer. It is this good and the quickest remedie for extremly chapped lips.



Like with all the dark colors you will need a liner to keep the color inside of your lips and stop it from smudging. Also lining your lips first and fill in the color after will make less of a mess I promise. Looks strange but is very effective and there is nothing to correct after.

The colors I have shared above are my four favorite berry colored lipsticks I have owned and loved for a long time. 

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The Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review…

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors

kylie cosmetics lip kit, beauty review, fall colors, autumn colors


Happy Hump Day Ladies, 

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I have been waiting to get my hands on the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits for a long time and when they finally launched in Germany I was too late and all the colors had sold out already so I waited and waited and finally they restocked. You can imagine my excitement plus I got two real Fall colors – Sweater Weather and Autumn!!! How cool is this. 

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

I know the hype about the prodcut and I am aware that a lot of it is about the famous family name but to be honest I was positively surprised how great they are.

The two colors I got are Sweater Weather and Autumn. Both liquid lipsticks have a mat finish and are highly pigmented. I was very pleased with Autumn. The liner and the gloss are exactly the same color and blend in nicely, unfortunately the lip liner of Sweater Weather is a total different shade. I am not sure if they got mixed up or not but they do not match at all. 

For the durability they are both amazing and hold up very well the whole day but you have to have hydrated lips before applying. It won´t hold as long with chopped or dry lips plus it looks disgusting.

There are 21 colors available and the set is around 30 Euro including the lip liner and the liquid lipstick. I am very pleased with the product and overall it is very good. Yes it is pricey but I would compare it to the Bare Minerals liquid lipsticks and they cost about the same.

Also I really really really love all things lipsticks so I am always happy to find and try a new product.

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