We are married…..

Good morning guys,
I finally came around to share a little sneak peak on our wedding day and some photos we already have.

Everything really was perfect – the day, the dress, the flowers of course my groom and also the weather which I didn´t expect after all the different forecasts.

We had our wedding ceremony at the town hall at 11:30 a.m. so we needed to get up pretty early to get ready. My hair appointment was at 07:30 a.m. and the bridesmaid followed after which gave me plenty of time to do my make-up (yes I did my make-up on my own, I figured this would also work for me if it worked for the Duchess of Cambridge). Our photographer came around 10:00 a.m. and we took lots of cute getting ready pics in our matching robes. After that we got dressed and ready to go. The first look was outside of our house and I couldn´t wait for Florian to see me and my stunning dress. I think it looked absolutely stunning. 

After the ceremony we left for taking picutres with our photographer, my dad who drove the wedding car and of course Chloe.

Our photographer picked out such a beautiful place for our picutres. A whimsical place with lots of trees, fog and a stunning view.

We got to our reception about half an hour later than our guests – the Hesperidengarden – and the sun was with us. It was absolutely beautiful. All the pretty flower arrangements, well dressed guests and the best food. I impatiently waited for our wedding cake (we had a delicious passionfruit filling) and after that the night was a pretty blur and over so quickly. The dinner was divine and our band was the best and nicest I have seen in quite a while. There was lots of celebrating and laughing and talking and everyone was dancing (even my old grandmother twisted on the floor) and enjoying theirselves. If I had to do it all over I wouldn´t change a thing at all as it has been THE perfect day and night. 

Thank you all for your wishes and congratulations on our big day. We really appreciate it.

And as always thanks for stopping by.

Wedding Wednesday – 10 items you won´t miss as a bride to be….


Hi guys,
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
since our Bridal Brunch has been last weekend we only have our bachelorette weekends ahead of us and then we are on the countdown to our wedding day.

I can´t believe how fast the rest of the time is flying now. We are 50 days away today which is less than two months!!!!! I am so happy and a little nervous if everything turns out the way I imagined it but mostly incredible happy.

So today I am rounding up my tried and true products you won´t miss as a bride to be.

1 // a cute wedding planner book
The very first thing after I knew I was going to get married was getting a wedding planner book. I have seen this gorgeous purple version on Asos and ordered it immediately. I really love how many different categories it has inside. From guests and vendors to companies and plain pages for thoughts. It also has a budget planning tab and a seating chart with stickers. First I wanted the Erin Condren wedding planner but the one I got from Asos is just enough for me and a lot less expensive. It also carries sheet protections where you can put in business cards from venues or bands for example.

2 // bride to be mug
The only mug I have been using for months now is my bride to be mug and why not. I can´t use it after and I really love it. Everytime I am enjoying my coffee at home it reminds me of what is ahead of us and puts a smile on my face.
I have found mine on amazon but there are many different design all over Etsy too.

3 // bride shirt
This is one I have gotten paticularly for my bachelorette weekend as I thought it would be much cuter than wearing anything super pink or just a plain white tee. The print is rose glitter and I totally love the slouchy off one shoulder fit.
Mine is from Etsy and I got a size S. It came from Florida but only took about 2 weeks.

4 // engangement ring bowl
Another must-have is a place to put your engagement ring. You can store it in its original box itself or you get one of these ceramic bowls. I personally love them and got two. One in my bedroom for my wedding ring then (also kept the velvet box of my engagement ring) and one in the kitchen cause I have cutting veggies or kneading dough with my ring on. There are a ton of different ones out there so be sure to check different shops. I got mine from Etsy and the Bridal Shower shop but also Nordstrom offers a lot.

5 // bride toiletry bag
I wanted to have a special toiletry bag for my big day where all my products for a touch up would find place so I choose this monogrammed linen toiletry bag I have found on amazon. It has a great size and

6 // bride morning gown
This is one piece I had to get at all costs. As an Instagram wedding inspiration seeker I have come across several pictures where the bride is wearing a white robe and all ther bridesmaids are wearing a pink robe or flower printed ones. I loved the fact of the look a like robes and I think they also make awesome picutres for our get ready shooting. Mine is from Asos and the bridesmaid gown also. See the full post what I put into their boxes here.

7 // champagne glass with bride print
I got these stemless champagne glasses for the morning of my wedding day since the bridesmaids and I and my mom are going to get ready at her house cause the living room is huge and fits us all and a lot more. My glass was also plain like the others but I ordered this golden print on Etsy. I first wanted to order the whole glass but I couldn´t find a single one I liked which would be shipped to Germany or where they wouldn´t charge 40 Euros for shipping only. I think this is the best solution and I also got a second sticker for my name which is pretty awesome too.

8 // bride phone case
First I wanted to have a phone case with bride standing all over but I couldn´t find what I was imagining so I went on the hunt for any other case I could find which would give a hint that I am a bride. I was really devastated about the choices. I only have found two pretty ones. Maybe it is because I have a Huawei and not and Iphone but in my opinion it is sad that there aren´t many more different ones. Although I love the one I got very much. It reminds me of my own wedding dress everytime I look at it which is really great.

9 // a wedding planning glass
This is probably one of the cutest things ever!!! A wedding planning glass. I have first seen this over on Caitlin´s blog Southern Curls And Pearls. She got engaged about 5 months prior than me and posted a wedding post one day using this glass and I had to have it cause I think it is just the right mixture of funny and cute and it holds your rosé perfectly 😉

10 // a personalized hanger for your wedding dress
The moment I saw this I knew I needed this for my wedding dress. There couldn´t be a better hanger for it. Also my parents (the house we are all going to get ready) have a huge living room with a beautiful built in staircase so this is going be the perfect location to photograph my out of this world pretty wedding dress.

Are their any brides to be among my readers ? Is there anyhting specific wedding related you want to know?

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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