Wedding Wednesday – Our honeymoon in Spain – Santa Ponsa, Mallorca….

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I am finally coming around to share the details of our honeymoon. As you may know we spent our honeymoon in Spain to be exactly on an island called Mallorca. The place where our hotel was is called Santa Ponsa. It is about 35 km west from the capital city Palma. 
Our flight was around 1 pm so it wasn´t hard at all to get up and get ready – although I had some stomach problems causing real pain, maybe that is why I forgot so many things – and totally managed to get to the airport in time. Another thing was the line at the check-in desk. Took us so so long and of course the security line and walking to our gate. I just grabbed one last minute coffee and didn´t have time to have a look at the duty free shops. Really sad. Same thing happened as we flew to London last year. Next time I am gonig to be there 3 hours early. 
We didn´t do that much on our first day. After arrriving we took a taxi (took about 30 minutes) to the hotel (we stayed at the H10 Casa del Mar) and checked in. We got a quick refresh in our room. Then we went of to explore our surroundings until it was time for dinner.
We booked dinner at the hotel restaurant with the reservation of our hotel but you could also just go with breakfast and eat out at another restaurant. Maybe that would have been better – not that the food wasn´t delicious – cause we always eat to much at a buffet restaurant.

The second day

The second day we couldn´t really decide on what to do and since it was so gloomy we went to the bus station and headed into Palma the capital city of the island (bus ticket was about 4 Euro per person but the bus was really really full). We went to the cathedral of Palma. There were about thousands of people. After exploring the surroundings of the cathedral we went into the city for a little shopping (they had a Sephora) and some tapas (we had the most delicious sweet potato fries with aioli – a garlic flavored sour cream) and sangria (the national drink).
 We got back late afternoon so we just showered, had a drink at the hotel bar and went to dinner. After our dinner we mostly went to the rooftop bar of the hotel and had a glass of Cava (the champagne of Spain). 

The third day

On our third day we headed to the beach which was right across our hotel (only 50 m. away). The had plenty of beach chairs but they weren´t from the hotel so for a daily fee of 13 Euro for two they where yours. 
I really loved wandering up and down the little street along the beachl There where many little restaurants, cafés and shops to look at. We love to sit and watch people for hours and I also don´t mind about a cup of coffee and a glass of bubbly. But at this point I have to be honest: I have never seen more worse dressed people in one place than there. I don´t know if it is the ease of a vacation combined with the beach but let´s just say. I wouldn´t want to have/copy 99 % of it.

The fourth day

The next day we went to a park called Marineland nearby. It was like a tiny Seaworld with sea lions, dolphins, penguins and stingrays. They had shows and access to the beach and a luch area. I really love all the sea animals and I also got a picture with a sea lion lady. 
After we got back we got dressed for dinner and headed into the city centre for a refreshing bottle of San Miguel (the local beer brand). Normally I don´t like beer a lot but this one tasted really good. Also the bar prices for drinks are pretty low. I would have thought of way higher prices but 5 Euro for two bottles of beer is totally okay.

The fifth day

The next day we got up early to go to a local market and this was one of the most disappointing things I have seen in my life. It was one sad line of market stalls and mostly selling some kind of crap/souvenirs or fruit/plants. Nothing to compare to the huge markets at Lake Garda.  So I really was devastated but on our way back I have found a beautiful fashion store where they had so many cute and affordable clothes and I got a ton of stuff also for a discounted price. I was in heaven there and it mildered my disappointment, also the glass of bubbly after didn´t hurt.

The sixth day

Our last day was spent inbetween the beach and the hotel enjoying the local cuisine and refreshing drinks. Also packing was a real challenge since I brought/bought way to much and I only had a small piece of luggage but I mastered to get everything inside without overweight.

Overall it was a really nice and relaxing trip after all the wedding stress and the city of Palma is a real must-see but if you are up for adventure and exploring this might not be the right place for you.

We have seen pretty much everything we wanted to in one week and probably won´t visit a second time.

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Wedding Wednesday – details on my Wedding Dress….


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I am more than happy to shar another Wedding Wednesday post around here. Still have to left after this one. It was getting a little quiet with my wedding posts because the holiday content was just too much so this one had to go back to drafts until a free Wednesday which is today.

 It is probably the most important post of this series – the wedding dress. The bride wouldn´t be a bride without it so I wanted to share as many information about mine as I can.

I didn´t have the most detailed idea of what dress I wanted, the only three things which were very important to me are sleeves, a button tape with white buttons on the back and a long dress. 

My dress style is between an a-line and ball gown dress since I have such much faric (seven skirts underneath).  The dress has an in-built corset and a natural waistline (which works very well for every body type). Around the waist line is a belt draped with a little flower arrangement including some silvery pearls.

The neckline is sweetheart and covered with a longleeve made from lace and flower embroidery on the sleeves and on the neckline. Now we are at my favorite part of the dress. The low back with the many many white silk buttons I wanted so badly. A little plus for me – the sleeves also had buttons. Wasn´t too good for getting ready but I had one bridesmaid on each arm and my mum at the back so the buttons where closed in time.

I have never heard of the designer before. It is a Belgian label called Jarice Bridal and my style is called My Dream from their Elegance line. I have to admit I didn´t have a special designer in mind. I just wanted a dress I was a 100 % happy with and I found it. In the first store after trying on about 15 dresses.

It had to be fitted twice. First they shortened it and the second time they made it a little wider around the waist cause I was so anxious it wouldn´t fit on my wedding day but it did and was perfect. 

Looking back I wouldn´t change a thing about the dress and get the same one again.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are a bride-to-be be sure to check out my wedding tab. Maybe your can find some information to help you plan your big day.