Modern Christmas Dinner Table Scape in Pink, Black + Gold…


Hello friends,
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are you making progress in your Christmas preparations? I definitely do. After decking the halls and wrapping all of the presents and visiting several advent markets I have finally tackled our dinner table. Like every year our families come together on the 25th of December for a Christmas dinner I am hosting. 
I have a different table scape every season (it usually matches the color I have decorated my tree) and this year I only made a little change. I wanted the table scape to be black, gold and pink like the ornaments on the tree but (I recently discovered this) the gold on the ornaments is silver – oh boy. Since I already had all the pieces I needed and didn´t want to get everything gold in silver I just went with the gold.
Here is a picture I took as inspiration:
 (source via Pinterest)

So I got a black tablecloth and started to decorate. The black and white place mats where the hardest to find (or at least I thought so) but since Ikea has a lot of different ones I decided to have a look at their site and voila they went straight into my cart. I really thought this is going to take ages to find similar ones but these are very similar. 

I decided to go with white plates rather than black ones and I also didn´t have any black so since I already got everything I also didn´t want to get out again to get new plates. The pink cotton napkins are from amazon and they are great. A super soft and well made material and the color is so pretty. 
The water glasses are H&M and I am using these over and over again also for our Thanksgiving dinner (view the post here). They are at a great price point and look great.
For a festive touch I added these little pink rose arrangements to the table and also the glittery champagne bottle ornaments and brass candlesticks with the rose pink candles.

It isn´t a typical Christmas dinner table in the traditional way but it is in no way less festive. I am probably gonna have red all over next year cause at some point I miss the traditional colors. 

By adding the Freixenet bottles (by the way my favorite bubbly drink) I wanted to make sure that everyone can handle the aperitif situation as they like. I always have some folks who don´t like the bubbly at all.

Since I am serving a menu there is no need for several matching dishes to place the food on the table.The only thing I forgot in the pictures is my water carafe with the golden rim. 

Do you have planned your table scape already and what are your colors this year? Or maybe I have given you just as much inspo that you setting it up like this?

As always thanks for stopping by and check back every day this week for lots of Christmas themed posts.

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Holiday Party – frosty table scape in silver and white + Giveaway winners…


Hi guys,
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I am finally sharing the winter wonderland inspired table scape I set up for our holiday party two weeks ago!!! How can it possibly be almost the middle of December. Christmas is on the day two weeks away and there is so much I wanted to get done before. 

So first things first. Let´s start by sharing this adorable table scape with you so I can at least cross one thing of my list. 

I wanted to have an all whimsical and frosty table scape for this years Holiday party (party for our friends, not family there) so I incorporated lots of white and silver. By putting it together I had a little fear that it could turn out super boring but I absolutely loved it in the end.

I went with gray table runners speckled with white stars and snowflakes all over. To stay in the theme the platters where also silver as most of the table decor. The cotton napkins are also a light hue of gray. Meanwhile I prefer cotton napkins over disposable ones cause you just need to wash them and they are ready for their next use. Aaaand they add a much more luxe look to the whole table. The napkin rings are the most funny and pretty I have seen in a while and they completed the theme perfectly.
 So for the decoration I added a silver garland to beginn with. In the middle of the garland I put the candle holder including gray candles. For the rest of the table decor I opted for silver and white ornaments. I really love decorating with ornaments and since there are so many different shapes and colors it will probably never get old. To add some wintery and frosty feels I got a bunch of pinecones from our drug store and also a little wodden sleigh and glittery trees. 
The rest of it was kept pretty simple. White plates, silver cutlery and simple glasses. I really didn´t want to loose the focus on the decor.  
As a little guest favor I got these adorable little Raffaelo snowflakes.
It was such a nice evening with lots of stories and laugther and everybody was filled with good food and drinks as they left. 
Are you planning on inviting your friends for a holiday party into your home? Be sure to check out last years table scape here.
And now I am sharing what everyone is waiting for. The giveaway winners for:
– the pink plaid blanket scarf – Colleen B.
– the statement earrings – Jasmin F.
– the Yankee Candle in Holiday Sage – Jasmin F.
Congratulations. Be sure to check your mails as I am going to write you for further details.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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Sinister Halloween table scape….


Good morning friends,
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can you tell me what happened over night? Why it is freezing in the morning? As much as I love fall I am not ready for frozen car windows and super cold leather seats. I broke out my winter coat today cause it only had 1 degrees outside. Anyways let´s get to today´s post.

Are there any other holiday loving, Christmas awaiting folks over here ??

I love the holidays. Love. Love. Love. I don´t know why – maybe because of the festive mood or the family get togethers or the delicioius food or maybe everything together – I just love it. Starting with the beginning of fall there are lots of holidays coming like Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.

So let´t start with the first one – Halloween. Usually we are at home for Halloween, watch some scary movies and hand out candy to all the trick-or-treaters on our street but last year we headed to the Europapark in Rust, Germany for their Halloween decorated theme park and their parades. It was magical and mystical all in one. Have a look at the hotel here.

So since we are sticking with our old schedule this year we are having a Halloween dinner date at home including some scary decoration and sinister foods.

I am sharing my Halloween table scape today to give you some inspiration for the most horrifying day of the year.
I got this blood drenched table runner from Galeria Kaufhof, a store I personally love. They have all kinds of place mats, kitchen towels, aprons and cotton napkins. I added a chandelier with black candles to the table cause I think this will always fit just change the color of the candles and put on some spider webs. 

The black lanterns are from Ikea and I filled them up with straw I had left from our bridesmaid boxes. Always good to keep stuff like that cause you never know when you will need it again.

The grave stone placards are from amazon. Be sure to have a look since they do have lots of interesting stuff like crows and bones and spiderwebs.

All the other things are pretty random and easy to get year round like the black cotton napkins, the napkin rings and the place mats. 

The punch I made is from Martha Stewart and I also made some hummus to serve with crackers and got some Italian antipasti  as an entrée. The main course included a steak cause I couldn´t think of a better halloween food than a bloody piece of meat on my plate.

Are you planing on celebrating a dinner date/party at home or are you going out. I love staying in and scaring the neighbours children.

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Step by step party planning with Paperless Post….


Hello friends and happy Friday,
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I love entertaining. Really love it so I am constantly searching an ocassion for hosting a party or a get together. Not so hard since there are many holidays throughout the year and many more possibilities for hosting a party. So for today´s post I decided to share a birthday table.

Set a date, an ocassion and a party theme:
I picked Florian´s birthday party which is in September. We also had a celebration for him last year but I wanted to follow a real party theme this year.

Pick an Invitation:
Paperless Post has so so so many different invitations for all kinds of parties, showers and even weddings. For our Mexican Fiesta theme I picked the Fiesta Frame invitation and started to customize it. Totally love the baby blue lines on the yellow backdrop. To make the yellow pop I went with a navy blue background. And aren´t the little glasses with the limes and the umbrella really make it work.

Another reason these paperless invitations are great is that they are only sent out online so you save paper and money on buying stamps and evelopes.

So for our Mexcian theme I got these little sombreros, matching napkins, a wooden cactus garland, some colorful pompoms to hang up and this adorable black metal cactus with a led-wire around it. 

Make lists:
I am a list person. I always have a physical list in my hand (paper goes over everything here). I even make lists for my lists but that is another obsession. A grocery list is key for party planning. Also a guest list. It is much easier if you have a total number. Although I would add on about 4 to 5 people. You never know who suddenly changes his mind and running out of food is one of the worst case scenarios. 

If you have to move the furniture or add some tables or chairs get this a day or two ahead done. This is additional stress you don´t need to have by planing it out right. Also get all the groceries you don´t need to be super fresh. Canned stuff and most vegetables or cheese are fine up to four days and more. Same for drinks and crushed ice. A extra drive just to get the drinks is much more relaxed and your car isn´t full with lots of bags. Same goes for kitchen utensils. Clean and prepare everything you need for serving, placing the food, drinks etc.

Beginn earlier than you think is necessary. Having some time ahead to give it a final walkthrough or clean up some stuff already is gold. Also you should get dressed up too. Don´t forget about that. Happened on my first hosted big Christmas dinner. I changed about 10 minutes before the guests arrived and only had time for a quick make-up and hair fixture. Timing takes a little. It took me about 3 to 4 ocassions to find out what works best for me. It is also a different theme if you are serving a course menu where every dish should be on schedule or having a buffet.

All those tips help me a lot and make party planning easier but at the end of the day you have to figure it out by yourself. It also always depends on how much you have to do by yourself and how much help you have.

I hope your next party is going to be a total hit.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
Disclosure: Huge thanks to Paperless Post for sponsoring today´s post. All thoughts and opinons are my own.