Casual Saturday #16….


Hi guys,
(post contains affiliate links / Werbung/Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links)
as you can see it is getting really christmassy over here and I couldn´t be happier. Since a few days I have been decorating inbetween and on Sunday I can finally put up my tree, the lights and the ornaments. I also have a garland for my fireplace this year and I want a big wreath for my front porch. Also I need to set um a tablescape for our holiday party next week. 
Today we are out to shoot our Christmas card photos. I am so excited how they are turning out. I might wear this pleated skirt from Patrizia Dini with a matching turtleneck from Rick Cardona.

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I hadn´t been doing a Casual Saturday post in a while and I am really sorry about that but in fact there wasn´t much to report about cause the last few weekends after our roatdtrip we stayed in most of the time. 
But there are some fall/winter inspired pieces I ordered this week, mostly from Asos. Since I am totally into sequins this pullover was a must for me. It is from New Look and it has little mistletoes all over and the red dots in the misteltoes are embroidered with sequins. I am planing on wearing this with a dark green ruffle skirt for a festive holiday look. Stay tuned – this is going to be up very soon. 
Another sweater I got is this navy blue one with a red and white pattern from ASOS. This also has such a festive and wintery touch but I am not sure if I am keeping it. Still thinking about cause I have got so many sweaters lately.
 I also ordered a “holiday sweater” for Florian from Threadbare cause he doesn´t own one and I think he really needs one. It has a small pattern across the chest and is in muted colors in grey, black and white so I think he would really like it. Also it has a zipper at the collar so it isn´t to tight either.

One last thing I got from this order is this mug from Sass & Belle. It is pretty similar to the regular initial mug from Anthropologie but in my opinion this fits Christmas very well cause of the golden letter and the golden handle. Spreads a festive vibe while enjoying your coffee.

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We started watching How to get away with murder… a few weeks ago but somehow I am just not getting into it. It is okay to watch aside while I am doing something else but not for fulltime. That is the reason why I started to watch The Vampire Diaries again right from the beginning. And I have also seen two Christmas movies so far – Christmas with the Kranks and Four Christmasses with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn and there are more to come. 
I posted my top 3 pumpkin recipes on Thursday. You can view it here. This and some other really simple dishes where everything I have made so far. Since I am addicted to pumpkin. But I also tried out this sugar cookie recipe and I am going to try the quiche lorraine we ate in Strasbourg.

That´s it for so far. Now I have to get ready for our shot. Talk to you next week. 

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.


Casual Saturday # 15….


Hi guys,

it has been quite a while since our last Casual Saturday post (about + 6 weeks). I just had so much content I wanted to post until the end of summer and beginning of fall but we are back on our Saturday chat today. 

We had been to our favorite restaurant two weeks ago and although I am always eating the same I still love it. Baby octopus with lots of vegetables and such a tasty sauce with garlic.
I started making pumpkin pies weeks ago and turned out so delicious I already made it twice. The pumpkin spice cake with cinnamon bourbon buttercream frosting from Mara from M Loves M. I found this recipe while browsing through her food section. Believe me you won´t be disappointed at all.


The first purchase I have to point out is this bag I got from Mango I ordered two weeks ago. The Van Mil bag and I love it not only because it looks a little like a high class designer bag. I wanted to have a bigger crossbody bag with a zipper and a flap (so I can double close it) for our upcoming trip so that nothing can fall out or no one can get in to quick. Only available online.

Off course there are some fall items I have purchased for our living room and kitchen but I am posting my fall decoration next week.

I finally got two pairs of boots I wanted for such a long time. A pair of hazeelnut colored over the knee suede boots from Zign and a pair of navy blue Hunter boots. I love both of them although they are totally different.

The Hunter boots fit true to size and they are super comfortable also the rubber material is so soft. The hazelnut otk boots also fit true to size but they where to tight for my calfs so I had to send them back. So sad. Now the search has begun again. Maybe that is the downside of dancing too much. You have to many muscles in your calfs.

Another thing I got is an embroidered top from Dorothy Perkins.

So what can I say about the embroidered top. Embroidery check. Ruffle sleeves check. Insert heat emoji here 🙂

And the last one for today is this beautiful make-up case for travelling from River Island. Ordered it via Asos. The pattern is gorgeous and it has the right size for all my make-up brushes and beauty products. It is hands down the most beautiful one I have ever got and also the most practical one. I am using this definitely as long as it lives.

I am pretty ashamed that we are still watching PLL (but the end is in sight) but in fact we don´t watch much TV. Whether we are at the gym or I am reading and Florian is planing on some soccer tactics. 

But there are great books out and I have read tons of book reviews and got a lot of books so I finally had to start on reading them all. I finished The Girl on the Train this week and now I am reading The Obsession from Nora Roberts. If I am through every book I might write a book review for a fall and winter reading list.

I am pretty happy that it is October all ready and we are heading to the black forest to see the fall foliage in its peek in two weeks. Also I am thinking a lot about Christmas these days. How I am gonna decorate and what I am gonna cook this year and also about some presents. Maybe too early?! What do you think ?
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you


Pink for fall – leopard print bag / dark denim….

pullover bonprix sold out similar here, here, here and here / heels old similar here and I love this pair / bag Buffalo / denim H&M old similar here and here


Hi guys,

as you might know I am a lover of anything pink and this fall/winter is perfect for you if pink is your favorite color too. There are so many pink pieces which are available right know.

I recently got this pink knitted pullover from bonprix and I love it. Usually I am a little aware of the material of pullovers like this is cause I can never be sure of the feel of the material by not touching it first cause if it itches me the second I put it on I can not wear it. Not even with a longsleeve underneath. Anyways this one is perfect. Super soft and the pink is just right for me (has a blueish untertone). 

I paired it with a dark denim jeans I got from H&M. I love their jeans section, they just have the coolest pieces and a pair of brown heels with a tortoishell print.

The bag I am wearing is one of the latest I got. It is from Buffalo and I always wanted to have a leopard print bag. I had one many years ago, in fact a really cool one and I don´t know why I gave it away. So dumb.

Do you have any plans for the weekend ? We have to get some thing done outside the house before it is getting really cold. 
Wishing everyone a nice weekend. I am back tomorrow with a long overdue #casualsaturday post so see you tomorrow. Take care and as always thanks for stopping by.
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My top 9 boots for this fall and winter….


Hi guys,

I have rounded-up my favorite boots and booties I have found for fall and some for winter so far. So some of you might still mourn about the end of summer (I do too in some moments) but there is so much we can look forward now. Plaid shirts, comfy scarfs, suede boots, Thanksgiving, Starbucks fall edition coffee´s, leaves changing colors, pumpkin in everything.

So since I am not a real black fan, although I am wearing it a lot in the winter, there are lot´s of brown alternatives for you.

Suede has always been a favorite of mine. I like the feel of the material and also how it looks so I am always taking the suede version it there is one available.
I never owned a pair but finally got one for this year. And I must say I am an idiot. First of all I have to admit I was sceptical on paying 130 Euro for a pair of rubber boots but you can´t compare to usual ones. The material is super soft and the sole as well. This boot is so comfortable, you have to try it on otherwise you will not believe it at all. I got mine in navy blue.
This is a staple shoe to me as I love wearing dresses and skirts in winter too and I just don´t want to wear my beautiful high heels so I always get an alternative which could be worn on the cold snow days and your feet won´t get wet immidiately. 
I always opt for Buffalo booties when I am on the hunt for a classic black one with a pointed toe. They fit true to size and don´t cost a fortune.

This style of boots might not be a trend article anymore. It has become a real wardrobe staple is is about to stay. There are several types from a cozy velvet material to a soft suede one. And inbetween velvet and leather. So the possibilietes are endless. Styling overknees can be a little tricky cause you don´t wont to go to sexy. But by adding a pair of pants to an off the shouder pullover or black tights and a chunky turtleneck to a short skirt you are good to go. It is all about balance here and I don´t mean the heel.

Ugg boots 
Uggs are a real fall/winter staple for my wardrobe. I love visiting Christmas markets but by standing around and enjoying some punch my usually my hands get warm and my feet are colder by every minute. I have tried so many different kinds of boots and the only ones I won´t get cold feet are Uggs. I think it might be the lamb wool lining which keeps my feet warm. In fact I don´t care what it is as long as my feet stay warm.

Velvet booties
Since I only had one velvet piece last year (a gorgeous black blazer jacket with golden studs) I got a pair of gray velvet booties as soon I have found a pair I liked. They are so soft and the velvet is structured with a pretty pattern outside. They really are perfect and I can´t wait to wear them (my broken toe first has to get better). They are true to size and only cost 50 Euro. Since this is a real trend item I did not want to spend so much money on a pair.

Sorel winter boots
Can´t say much about them cause I never owned a pair but I really like the way they look. I have heard many great things about them. They keep your feet warm no matter how cold it is or gets and they are waterproof. I think I might get a pair this year. I do think they look really fashionable (a great plus for such functionable boots) in the color pairings they offer. Probably a good pair of boots for going on walks in the winter but they are really pricey and I first have to think about if I am out this much.

Classic feminine boot
A classic feminine black boot with a pointed toe and a stiletto heels is a staple piece like a pair of pointed toe heels. It is a must have for winter. You need an elegant pair of boots for events in case it is too cold for heels.

 Biker boots
Maybe not a style for everyone (I also had to get used to them) but they add such edgy vibe to a winter outfit. You can keep it pretty casual by wearing them with a chunky knit sweater and a pair of jeans or you can dress down an elegant outfit with them like a black skirt and a white button down. For some more sexiness add a pair of lace tights or fishnet tights to the look. Also a good alternative in case it is snowing all the time or it is totally icey outside.

Hazelnut colored suede boots
These are my number one trend pair for upcoming seasons. Every year I see them on so many fashion blogger and at the time I also want to have a pair the best are already gone. So for this year I might have a good pair soon. Ordered the ones in the collage but obviously they don´t fit a dancing girl. My calves are too thick for them. In fact they would work for only wearing skirt but I want to pair them with leggins and jeans too so I am searching for another pair. Already ordered some. Although they don´t fit me they are true to size, a super soft material and just so beautiful. Get your hands on them as long as they are available.

What are your go to pairs for fall and winter ?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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