My top 9 boots for this fall and winter….


Hi guys,

I have rounded-up my favorite boots and booties I have found for fall and some for winter so far. So some of you might still mourn about the end of summer (I do too in some moments) but there is so much we can look forward now. Plaid shirts, comfy scarfs, suede boots, Thanksgiving, Starbucks fall edition coffee´s, leaves changing colors, pumpkin in everything.

So since I am not a real black fan, although I am wearing it a lot in the winter, there are lot´s of brown alternatives for you.

Suede has always been a favorite of mine. I like the feel of the material and also how it looks so I am always taking the suede version it there is one available.
I never owned a pair but finally got one for this year. And I must say I am an idiot. First of all I have to admit I was sceptical on paying 130 Euro for a pair of rubber boots but you can´t compare to usual ones. The material is super soft and the sole as well. This boot is so comfortable, you have to try it on otherwise you will not believe it at all. I got mine in navy blue.
This is a staple shoe to me as I love wearing dresses and skirts in winter too and I just don´t want to wear my beautiful high heels so I always get an alternative which could be worn on the cold snow days and your feet won´t get wet immidiately. 
I always opt for Buffalo booties when I am on the hunt for a classic black one with a pointed toe. They fit true to size and don´t cost a fortune.

This style of boots might not be a trend article anymore. It has become a real wardrobe staple is is about to stay. There are several types from a cozy velvet material to a soft suede one. And inbetween velvet and leather. So the possibilietes are endless. Styling overknees can be a little tricky cause you don´t wont to go to sexy. But by adding a pair of pants to an off the shouder pullover or black tights and a chunky turtleneck to a short skirt you are good to go. It is all about balance here and I don´t mean the heel.

Ugg boots 
Uggs are a real fall/winter staple for my wardrobe. I love visiting Christmas markets but by standing around and enjoying some punch my usually my hands get warm and my feet are colder by every minute. I have tried so many different kinds of boots and the only ones I won´t get cold feet are Uggs. I think it might be the lamb wool lining which keeps my feet warm. In fact I don´t care what it is as long as my feet stay warm.

Velvet booties
Since I only had one velvet piece last year (a gorgeous black blazer jacket with golden studs) I got a pair of gray velvet booties as soon I have found a pair I liked. They are so soft and the velvet is structured with a pretty pattern outside. They really are perfect and I can´t wait to wear them (my broken toe first has to get better). They are true to size and only cost 50 Euro. Since this is a real trend item I did not want to spend so much money on a pair.

Sorel winter boots
Can´t say much about them cause I never owned a pair but I really like the way they look. I have heard many great things about them. They keep your feet warm no matter how cold it is or gets and they are waterproof. I think I might get a pair this year. I do think they look really fashionable (a great plus for such functionable boots) in the color pairings they offer. Probably a good pair of boots for going on walks in the winter but they are really pricey and I first have to think about if I am out this much.

Classic feminine boot
A classic feminine black boot with a pointed toe and a stiletto heels is a staple piece like a pair of pointed toe heels. It is a must have for winter. You need an elegant pair of boots for events in case it is too cold for heels.

 Biker boots
Maybe not a style for everyone (I also had to get used to them) but they add such edgy vibe to a winter outfit. You can keep it pretty casual by wearing them with a chunky knit sweater and a pair of jeans or you can dress down an elegant outfit with them like a black skirt and a white button down. For some more sexiness add a pair of lace tights or fishnet tights to the look. Also a good alternative in case it is snowing all the time or it is totally icey outside.

Hazelnut colored suede boots
These are my number one trend pair for upcoming seasons. Every year I see them on so many fashion blogger and at the time I also want to have a pair the best are already gone. So for this year I might have a good pair soon. Ordered the ones in the collage but obviously they don´t fit a dancing girl. My calves are too thick for them. In fact they would work for only wearing skirt but I want to pair them with leggins and jeans too so I am searching for another pair. Already ordered some. Although they don´t fit me they are true to size, a super soft material and just so beautiful. Get your hands on them as long as they are available.

What are your go to pairs for fall and winter ?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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